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Data Space for tourism
Deadline: Jan 23, 2024  
- 123 days

 Rural Development
 Education and Training
 Cultural heritage


Expected outcome and Deliverables

  • Infrastructure for the Tourism Data Space.
  • Connections between relevant local and national data ecosystems and initiatives at EU level.
  • Establish connections with other sectoral data spaces.
  • Guidance/training documents to involve stakeholders in sharing data.
  • Exploitation of available data for better interconnection, exchange of information and reuse.
  • Once the data space is operational, regular updates on usage data and troubleshooting.


The objective is to develop a trusted and secure common European data space for tourism, which will provide the ecosystem with access to information, with an impact on productivity, greening and sustainability, innovative business models and upskilling. It will give the possibility of aligning offers to tourists’ expectations, adapting service proposals to new tourist groups, predicting a high influx of tourists, and thus allow planning of resources more efficiently, and creating new business opportunities.

The data space for tourism will be closely connected to other sectoral data spaces, such as the data space for cultural heritage. The work will build on the outcome of the two preparatory actions selected in the previous WP.



Develop and deploy the data space and its infrastructure on the basis of the blueprint elaborated under the preparatory action of the previous WP. Further engage the ecosystem’s community and ensure the interconnection with European, national and local initiatives, in both urban and rural settings, as well as with other sectoral data spaces.

Develop pilot use cases for different data types and fields of activities related to tourism, for example in the area of accommodation supply and demand data, combining data from public and private providers in view of the upcoming Short Term Rental legislative initiative on a voluntary basis.

The awarded project(s) will use, in so far as possible, the smart cloud-to-edge middleware platform Simpl, and work in partnership with the Data Spaces Support Centre deployed under the first WP in order to ensure alignment with the rest of the ecosystem of data spaces implemented with the support of Digital Europe Programme. The joint work will target the definition of:

  • the data space reference architecture, building blocks and common toolboxes;
  • the common standards, including semantic standards and interoperability protocols, both domain-specific and cross-cutting;
  • the data governance models, business models and strategies for running data spaces.

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