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CSA for Lighthouse Initiative Mobility.E - ECSEL-2018-4-CSA-MobilityE
Deadline: 24 May 2018   CALL EXPIRED

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Specific Challenge:

In December 2016, the ECSEL JU Governing Board adopted, with the Lighthouse Initiative MOBILITY.E, an important effort in the field of Autonomous driving. It was accompanied by a first project Autodrive and by the set up of a LIASE (Lighthouse Initiative Advisory Service). The present call is for a Coordination and Support Action to support the Lighthouse Initiative in establishing the Lighthouse and its coordination with amongst other national activities in the field.


Proposals should aim at coordinating the relevant stakeholders, project consortia, as well as policy makers, in full collaboration with the LIASE, addressing all of the following:

  • Establish a communication platform for all stakeholders;
  • Promote the objectives of the Lighthouse Initiative;
  • Facilitate connections between the stakeholders;
  • Help shaping the Lighthouse Initiative during and beyond H2020;
  • Organise outreach events;
  • Facilitate dialogue between all stakeholders;
  • Help the networking of respective national and international activities in the field.

It is expected that such an activity is driven by a consortium led by organisations that are active in the field and have experience in coordination and support activities in the context of ECS (electronic components and systems).

Expected Impact:

The following impacts are expected to be addressed:

  • A goal-driven, federated effort towards a challenging industrial vision to generate European leadership in Electric, Connected and Automated driving, and a strong potential for longer term technological innovation and economic exploitation.

  • Involvement and commitment from key stakeholders.

  • Increased transnational collaboration between the relevant European initiatives in the field.

  • Spreading of excellence on Electric, Connected and Automated driving in Europe.

  • Increased awareness of European activities in this field.


CAUTION: The proposals must include a draft plan for the exploitation and dissemination of the results!

      Proposal page limits and layout:

      Chapter on "excellence" - 60 pages
      Chapter on "impact" - 60 pages
      Chapter on "implementation" - 60 pages
      For the layout requirements, please, refer to Part B (Technical Annex) of the ECSEL proposal template for the CSA Actions in the submission system below.

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