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Counter-Terrorism financing - ISFP-2018-AG-CT-TERFIN
Deadline: 19 Mar 2019   CALL EXPIRED

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Countering Terrorist Financing: new initiatives reinforcing the capacity of public and private actors to track and curb terrorist financing better among Member States. The objectives are:

  1. to make sure that the efforts of private entities and competent authorities are adapted to the new modus operandi of terrorist groups, as for example addressing financial mouvements related to “low cost” terrorism phenomena which are hard to detect.

  2. to reinforce the action of private entities and public authorities to prevent and pursue terrorism financing by increasing the understanding of the phenomenon and by use of best practice and/or new tools. For example:

    - development of typologies

    - joint work to address new trends in terrorism financing

    - enable law enforcement to provide feedback on information provided by the private sector to improve quality of reporting

    - sharing police information with private sector entities to assist ongoing investigations

Expected results: Improved quality of suspicious transaction reporting, leading to outcomes such as: increased detection of terrorist financing cases and an increased number of prevented attacks / foiled plots / arrests.

Detailed objectives and priorities are defined in the call document that will be available under the section "Topic conditions and documents" below at the latest on the opening day.

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