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Community Building at local level for integration including through volunteering activities - AMIF-2017-AG-INTE-02
Deadline: Mar 1, 2018  

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Integration happens first and foremost at local level and will only succeed if exchanges between third-country nationals and host-country nationals are fostered and encouraged from the very early stages through different activities such as cultural, sport or other activities. Volunteering can be a particularly effective way to foster the interaction between EU citizens and third country nationals at the local level. Therefore, projects submitted under this priority might include a volunteering component, involving both EU citizens and the third-country nationals. Synergies with the "European Solidarity Corps"[] can be created in this regard. The objective is to support local communities making efforts to promote these exchanges and replicate this experience in other communities.

The objectives of this priority are to:

  • Support community building activities aiming at the integration of third country nationals at local level;

  • Promote exchanges between third-country and host-country nationals at local level;

  • Build partnerships and cooperation among all the actors involved in promoting integration at community level.

Projects applications submitted under the present call for proposals under priority 2 can include the following activities (this list is non-exhaustive):

  • cultural exchanges, in particular to promote culture and values of the receiving society, European values and the culture of the country of origin, including in the context of the 2018 European Year for Cultural Heritage;

  • volunteering based activities in support of integration activities, involving EU citizens and third-country nationals at the community/neighbourhood level;

  • sport, cultural and other educational activities;

  • activities aiming at empowering migrants to participate in general community life.

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