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Cinema Networks 2019-Call EACEA /50/2018
Deadline: 31 May 2019   - 11 days

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Candidate eligible is partner of the call for proposals EACEA/06/2018 who was awarded a two-year Framework Partnership Agreement in 2018. The Executive Agency will launch an invitation to submit a proposal for its partner for the second annual work.

Deadline for submission is 31/05/2019, before 12:00 CET/CEST (Midday, Brussels time)


The application package must be submitted by Friday 31st May 2019 (postmark date) to the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency in Brussels.

Before starting your application:

1. Read the Call for proposals and the Guidelines carefully​

2. Applicants must have an ECAS (European Commission Authentication Service) account. If you already have an ECAS account, you may use it. Otherwise, click here to create an ECAS account. When you have created your ECAS account, return to this page.

You are now ready to start the application process:

1. Applicants must register their organisation in the Participant Portal to receive a Participant Identification Code (PIC), if you do not have one already that will be requested in the application form. For practical details on how to use the Participant Portal, please consult the following presentation. Applicants should attach in the Portal: a. Legal entity form accompanied by the required annexes.

Important remarks: You only need to create a PIC once. If your organisation already created a PIC in order to apply for a previous call for proposals, the same PIC has to be used.

  2. Applicants must fill in the Application Form and the compulsory Annexes:

Application Form and compulsory Annexes will be available by March 2019.




1 Relevance and European added-value

Network strategy to achieve the general objectives of the call for proposals including in terms of the definition of specific long term/short term specific objectives. This criterion will also assess the quality of the approach to monitor the achievement of those objectives including through the definition of key performance indicators.

Max. points 35


2 Quality of the content and activities

Potential efficiency and effectiveness of the activities to be implemented and the extent to which they are embedded in the strategy of the network including via a clear intervention logic.

Max. points 20


3 Communication and dissemination

Approach of the network to communicating, disseminating and sharing its activities, results, knowledge and best practices both between the members and outside of the network.

Max. points 40


4 Quality of the Network
Extent to which the governance, management and organisation of the network will ensure the effective implementation of its strategy and activities.

Max. points 5


9.1         Relevance and European added-value

The following will be assessed:

  • the number and geographical balance of the cinemas belonging to the network (especially cinemas located in countries or regions with a low audio-visual production capacity)
  • the network strategy to achieve the general objectives of the call for proposals
  • the short/long term objectives of the network and the related key performance indicators
  • the methodology for the allocation of the support to the cinemas
  • the guidelines to the members and potential members of the network, including their compliance with the objectives of the current call
  • the forecast impact of the action in terms of:

-....... Screening of non-national European films on the European market.

-....... New (young) audiences for European films

-....... Collaboration of cinemas with online platforms

  • how the network can reinforce the competitiveness of European cinema theatres, taking into account the new models of communication and consumption of content.

The guidelines of the coordinator must detail the method of assessment which will be based upon precise and objective criteria such as:

  • As a general rule the proportion of European non-national films screenings by single screen cinemas must be between 25-30% of the total screenings. Appropriate precise rules for multi-screen and other cinemas must be detailed in the applicant's guidelines.
  • The capacity of the cinema to create an audience for non-national European films (the number of admissions achieved for non-national European films).
  • Objective criteria to assess the activities for young audience

9.2         Quality of the content and activities

Activities to be implemented and how they meet the objective of the call, to be assessed on the following basis:

  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • Intervention logic
  • Monitoring of results

9.3         Communication and dissemination

The following will be assessed:

  • The strategy developed by the network to disseminate and share results, best practices, audience building techniques and technological developments.
  • methods of communication between the coordinating entity and its members and between members

9.4         Quality of the network

The extent to which the governance, management and organisation of the network will ensure the effective implementation of its strategy and activities will be evaluated.

The application must detail:

  • the rules of governance of the coordinating entity, including the management structure and the role of the members within the network and within the entity
  • the selection and award process to determine the level of funding for cinemas
  • the strategy for the monitoring of the financial support to cinemas belonging to the network
  • the procedure in place to ensure transparency, equality of treatment and absence of conflict of interest.

In order to ensure that the best proposal fully meets the objectives of the current call, respects the rule concerning third parties funding, and comply with the principles of economy, efficiency, effectiveness, principle, the Agency may impose some modifications (following the recommendations of the Evaluation Committee) to the Global Action Plan, the Annual Work Programme, the Guidelines to the beneficiaries and the forecast budget.

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