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Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education 2018 - EAC/A05/2017
Deadline: Feb 2, 2018  

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The announcement of the Erasmus+ programme Call for Proposals 2018 - EAC/A05/2017 in all official languages of the EU was published in Official Journal No C 2017/361/04 on 25/10/2017.

The deadline for Applications for Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education EAC/A05/2017 is 8 February 2018 at 12:00 (midday Brussels time).


What is new in the 2018 call for CBHE?

  • The Special Mobility Strand (SMS) has been removed.
  • There are three National and Regional priority areas instead of four and they have been revised.
  • The minimum number of Programme Countries required in a consortium has been decreased from three countries to two.
  • Future CBHE projects will be offered two options for the start of the eligibility period: 15 November 2018 or 15 January 2019.
  • The grant rate for the highest travel band has been increased to €1500.
  • Exceptional travel costs have been introduced.


Indicative timetable

Publication of the call for proposal
25 October 2017

Deadline for submission of applications
8 February 2018 (12:00 CET Midday Brussels time)

Evaluation period and Consultation of Partner Countries
March-June 2018 (3 months)

Information to applicants
By mid-August 2018

Signing of grant agreement
October 2018

Start date of the action
15 November 2018 or 15 January 2019



How to Apply

Organisations wishing to apply for Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education projects are invited to submit applications on-line to the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency in Brussels.

Deadline for on-line submission: 8 February 2018 at 12:00 (midday CET, Brussels time)


Before starting your application:

1. Read the Guidelines and the Call for proposals carefully.

Please note that the core description of your CBHE project will have to be completed in the Annex 1 "Detailed description of the project".

2. Applicants must have an ECAS (European Commission Authentication Service) account. If you already have an ECAS account, you may use this, if not, create an ECAS account. When you have created your ECAS account, return to this page.


You are now ready to start the application process:

1. The applicant and all partner organisations must be registered in the Participant Portal. Organisations that register in the Portal receive a Participant Identification Code (PIC) that will be requested in the electronic application form. To access the Participants' portal, you will need your ECAS username and password.

Step 1: check if the participating organisations are not already listed in the two below repositories:

  • HEIs from Programme Countries participating in CBHE action must hold the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education. Please use the PICs from the Erasmus charter holder's list.
  • List of validated PICs from the organisations participating in the selected CBHE projects. Available by mid-November

Step 2: If a partner organisation is not listed in the above repositories:

Given that each applicant organisation should use only one PIC code, please first check with your legal representative's office whether such a PIC number has already been created for your organisation. If this is the case, you may use this PIC code to create your electronic application form. At the application stage, PIC statutes can be either "Validated", "Declared" or "Sleeping" but in case of double reference for one same organisation, the "Validated" PIC should always be considered.


2. Create your official electronic application form, also called the eForm. Use the official application package and the correct application forms for the Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education (CBHE) programme action (please refer to the eForm and Annexes sections).

For CBHE, there are two different eForms: one for Joint Projects (JP) and one for Structural Projects (SP). Please note that one cannot replace the other. The choice of the eForm is a deliberate act of the applicant and must take into account the requirements related to each project type (e.g., in Structural Projects, the Ministries responsible for Higher Education from each Partner Country involved in the application, as full partners, is compulsory).


For practical details on how to use the Participant Portal and generate the eForm with the PICs, please consult the following presentation.


The eForm and its user guide will be activated around mid-November

The KA2 - Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education 2018 eForm is available under two different types of eForms, one for Joint Projects and one for Structural Projects. 


Joint Projects

  • JP Curriculum Development 
  • JP Modernisation of governance, management and functioning of HEIs 
  • JP Strengthening of relations between HEIs and the wider economic and social environment 

Structural Projects

  • SP Modernisation of policies, governance and management of higher education systems 
  • SP Strengthening of relations between higher education systems and the wider economic and social environment 


Completing your application:

  1. Fill in the eForm with the required data.
  2. Do not forget also to complete and attach the three (3) mandatory attachments to the eForm (and, if applicable, the fourth attachment related to the confirmation by the national authorities that a Partner Country is subject to an exception rule concerning the minimum number of HEI). For that, please refer to the Annexes navigation tab to download the relevant templates.
  3. Once you have completed the eForm and attached the annexes, validate the eForm. This triggers an automatic check that informs you if your application form is complete. If this is the case, you can submit it online.
  4. When you have submitted your application online, you should receive a confirmation email and reference number. If not, contact the helpdesk.


Please DO NOT SEND A COPY of the e-form and the attached documents by post to EACEA.

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