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Call for Applications: Business 2 Business (B2B) Bootcamp
Deadline: 30 Mar 2018   CALL EXPIRED

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Services offered in this specific call

ENRICH in the USA, through partner - the International Business Innovation Association (InBIA, www.inbia.org) - organizes two-week Boot Camps in the United Sates and provides participants with perspectives on their market in various US regions. All Boot Camp participants will start and end the program in Boston where they will receive an introductory course in “Conducting Business in the US” (see detailed schedule below) and engage in unique networking opportunities with local innovation experts. In between, participants will each be hosted for up to 10 days by a certified Soft Landing site in the US which will provide programming/services especially themed to the various industry sectors and matched to the needs of each applicant.

In preparation for the Boot Camps, a pre-departure workshop will be provided to ensure the participants make the most of their two weeks in the US.

This call will fund 10 participants for the Business 2 Business (B2B) Bootcamp taking place in October 2018 in the USA.

Tentative schedule:

Day 1 – 2: This course covers two days of corporate culture, US-based resources for product development, legal matters, human resources and other basics leading to successful successful expansion into the US.

Day 3 – 12: By Day 3 of the program, participants will then travel to a Soft Landing site (participant must arrange and cover their own travel) that has been assigned to them based on their US market of interest and that site’s particular resources available to entrepreneurs within the US ecosystem. Each day, regardless of which site participants are assigned to, InBIA staff will host or arrange a one to two hour course on relevant business and/or product development topics, including, but not limited to:

  • Manufacturing and scale up considerations
  • Sales and business development tactics for SME’s
  • Intellectual property strategies
  • Other topics relevant to successful expansion into the US by business in the EU with an existing track record

Day 13 – 14: On the last two days of the Boot Camp, participants will come back to Boston for a pitch event their idea/demonstrate their product to strategic corporate partners and investors from renowned firms throughout New England and the US.


Target Group of this Call

ENRICH in the USA is looking for competitively selected small to medium enterprises (SME) incorporated in the EU Member States or Associated Countries that are post revenue. SME’s with following characteristics are targeted for this call:

  • Already have an annual revenue of at least €100,000
  • The company should have some track record in their own markets, and where it has been tested that the solution/technology is ready and working
  • The company must have some form of “tangible assets” – have secured at least one piece of intellectual property (either internally generated or licensed from another entity) and/or have an inventory of product.
  • The company should have a brick and mortar, established place of business where products/services are developed


Eligibility Criteria

In order to qualify for the provided service, applicants have to meet the following requirements:

  • If an individual, applicant must be a tax payer in an EU MS/AC AND/OR be an EU MS/AC passport holder
  • If incorporated, applicant must pay taxes in an EU MS/AC AND/OR have as the majority of shareholders EU MS/AC passport holder
  • Applicant must be able to communicate (read and speak) in English;
  • The company must have at least one sales/business development executive identified.

A founder or individual with majority stake in the company is expected to participate in the Boot Camp. (The sales/business development executive who is/will be assigned to the US markets is highly recommended to attend as well.)


Funding Principle

This call will fund 10 participants for the B2B Boot Camp. The costs for the venues, materials, guest speakers, some meals during Boot Camp, and transportation in the US Associated Hubs cities are covered by grants provided to ENRICH in the USA selected participants. Participants will however have to cover the costs for flights to and from the United States, travel from Boston to the US Associated Hubs, and their accommodations, as well as other costs not mentioned above (e.g. ESTA/VISA application costs, health insurance, etc.) by themselves.

Please note: Only one participant can be covered for the same technology/start-up. Additional participants of selected technologies/start-ups may attend, but must cover all costs by themselves.


Submission Procedure

All applicants must register at the electronic submission tool F6S under https://www.f6s.com/businesstobusinessbootcamp. It is highly advised that applicants submit no later than two days before the submission deadline. ENRICH in the USA staff will assist with questions or portal issues for applicants. Besides basic information, applicants must mark a checklist for actual criteria and must complete each section of the application.

In F6S, the applicant is asked to register themselves and fill in general information, personal information (such as name, institution, organization type, contact details, and specific questions referring to the organization type if it is a SME). All applicants must acknowledge that they are made aware that some costs have to be covered individually.

You will need to complete all required questions in the F6S application form before you are allowed to submit. This includes all uploads and attachments in the last section of the application form.

Required uploads/attachments include:

  • YouTube Video link (more information below)

Optional uploads/attachments include:

  • A one page document with additional information related to your technology/product in either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format.
  • Short Pitch Deck of no more than 10 slides describing your company/technology

Note that all application responses and videos have to be submitted in English.


YouTube Video Instructions

The application requires a weblink for a 90 second video to be created and uploaded to YouTube. ONLY YOUTUBE LINKED videos will be considered meeting eligibility requirements for the application process. There is a field designated in the application form on F6S to include a link to your YouTube video. Please review these video guidelines for more information on how to create and upload the video to obtain a link for your application:

The video must contain an interview of the founder/majority stakeholder and any other company representative who will be attending the Boot Camp. The video should show the founder clearly facing the camera answering the below questions. The video should NOT have any images, animations, or video footage of any products/technologies/etc. It MUST only be the potential Boot Camp attendee explaining the following in 90 seconds or less:

  • Please state your company name, industry you serve, and the name of your product or the type of technology you produce/serve
  • Please state your name, title, responsibilities for the company
  • Please provide a short pitch as to why your company and/or product is competitive and any successes with that product/technology to date

Video Specific Details (applicants MUST ADHERE TO THE FOLLOWING):

  • Video cannot exceed 90 seconds of content
  • Video cannot exceed 2 GB in file size
  • Video must be compliant with YouTube acceptable formats such as MOV, MP4 (MPEG4), AVI, WMV, FLV, 3GP, MPEGPS, WebM (see below for additional help)
  • Do not post any video content you are not comfortable posting as PUBLIC
  • You do not need to upgrade to a paid version of YouTube
  • Ensure the video has audio and addresses the above required content


Guidelines for Creating and Uploading a Successful YouTube Video:

Youtube’s Guidelines: https://support.google.com/youtube/topic/16547?hl=en&ref_topic=4355169

Helpful Tips for a Strong Video from your Smart Phone (or a video camera): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpZvc8vtHvo

Detailed Upload Instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9w-gQAwS2uc


Evaluation and Selection Procedure

The fundamental principles governing the evaluation of the applications are:

  • Transparency: The process for selecting applicants will be clearly described and made available to any interested party.
  • Fairness and Equality of treatment: All applications shall be treated alike, irrespective of where they originate or the identity of the applicants.
  • Ethical and Legal considerations: Any application that contravenes ethical principles and legal regulations may be excluded from being evaluated and rejected at any time.

The evaluation process involves three steps:

Step 1: Eligibility Check: Will be done by the ENRICH in the USA staff following the criteria defined in section 4:

  1. If they meet the respective B2B eligibility criteria (outlined above)
  2. If they meet the respective B2B target group for this call (outlined above)

Step 2: Scoring: Once the eligibility check is conducted and complete, eligible applications will be reviewed by a panel consisting of people with a range of business, commercialization and/or investment experience in the US. Applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  1. Commercial Potential
  2. Technology Progress and Scale up Potential
  3. Competitiveness
  4. Funding Potential and Execution
  5. Commitment and Resources (whether or not the applicant has the ability to develop the technology/product into a commercially available product).
  6. If they can benefit most from the Boot Camps of ENRICH in the USA

All these six criteria will be scored from 1-5 (5 being the highest score).

Step 3: Ranking of applications and final selection: The evaluation panel will rank all eligible proposals by the scores they achieved through evaluation.


Time Schedule

February 22, 2018
Call opens

June 29, 2018 (at 23h59 CET)
Submission of application and call closes

July 31, 2018
Selection of the applicants

July 31, 2018
Information for the applicants if they were chosen or not

September 2018
Pre-departure workshop

October 2018
Boot Camps in Boston (including travel to a Soft Landing site that
has been assigned to them based on their US market of interest)



For questions regarding the Boot Camps, please contact:

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Jack Henkel


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