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bIoTope Use Case Implementation and Expansion - bIoTope-OC2
Deadline: Apr 30, 2018  

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1. Objective

bIoTope lays the foundation for creating open innovation ecosystems by providing a platform that enables companies to easily create new IoT systems and to rapidly harness available information using advanced Systems-of-Systems (SoS) capabilities for Connected Smart Objects. The bIoTope platform enables IoT product and service providers to quickly develop and deploy IoT solutions utilising diverse information sources, which are easily integrated to compose more advanced and higher value solutions without substantial development costs.

bIoTope Open Call 2 invites companies to work on the implementation and expansion of bIoTope smart city pilots that will be deployed in three major European cities of Brussels, Lyon and Helsinki. Each pilot consists of several Use Cases in the domain areas of environment, smart city services, mobility and smart buildings.


2. Target Audience
Each bIoTope Use Case calls for specific competences and knowledge in the domains of mobility, smart city management and electric vehicles. Participating companies can be SMEs, universities or large companies. Also star ups and companies not previously worked in H2020 projects are encouraged to apply.


3. Competence areas

Mobility: Electric Vehicle Charging solutions, stations, software development

Mobility: route optimization, hardware implementation, software development

Smart City Services: Sensor implementation, route optimization software development, data analytics


4. Budget

The total call budget is 370 000 euros, divided across the use cases as follows:

1. Lyon bottle bank expansion  90000euros
2. Brussels water taxi  60000euros
3. Brussels disabled parking 60000euros
4. Brussels mobility case 40000euros
5. Helsinki smart parking case 40000euros
6. Helsinki Android app for IoTBnB 40000euros
7. ScalingofHelsinkiIoTBnB 40000euros



More information regarding the cases can be found in technical annex.


5. Finding the Call Information
All information related to the bIoTope open call will be available at the bIoTope web page:, as well as on IoT EPI website:

All information is also available at the FS6 platform, which also acts as the submission system for the calls:


6. Learning More About the Call
bIoTope will organize a series of events to communicate about the open calls. These events have two

1. General informing / marketing of the project, which serves the broadening of the ecosystem, raising awareness of the project and the call in general
2. Specific/detailed information concerning the open call, serving the potential open call candidates, sharing the details of the call & the required qualifications of the partners.


7. Available Materials and Support

The available materials include:

  •   Eligibility Criteria

  •   Open Call Summary

  •   Technical Details

  •   Webinar presentation

  •   Evaluation Criteria

  •   bIoTope Standard Project Contract

Applicant Materials

Eligibility criteria document details the conditions that the applicants’ need to comply with in order to receive funding. The rules follow the European Commission eligibility rules. Open Call summary details the call objectives, basic details and implementation process. Technical details document provides the technical content and specific contents and expectations for the open call proposers. The call is communicated in open terms in order to trigger innovative solutions. List of deliverables details the expected outcomes in concrete terms for each project.

Evaluation criteria for proposals supports the applicants in their proposal process. The criteria further ensures transparency and inclusiveness in the selection process. Standard contract template ensures that the applicants have full information and understanding of the terms and conditions they are expected to engage to if joining the bIoTope consortium as third parties.

Webinar presentation will detail the call information in a simple format, and recall much of the information from this applicant guidebook and other related documents.

Applicant Support
bIoTope offers support for applicants through the FAQ site, feasibility check, as well as individually via email

FAQ site will pre-empty most of the questions for the applicants by answering the questions that are expected

to raise during the proposal writing period. The FAQ will be updated throughout the open call period.

Individual support can be provided by email for technical questions and clarifications by domain experts from the various Use Cases. The response times for each enquiry may vary.

Feasibility Check includes a form for applicants to submit an early summary of their intended proposal to the bIoTope consortium. The team will evaluate your summary and come back within 10 days from your submission, with high-level comments, mainly on the eligibility of your proposal, and what aspects you need to strengthen. This service can be used only once per proposal. This will be submitted through FS6 system.


8. ProposalSubmission

bIoTope project, along with other H2020 EIP IoT projects uses FS6 platform for open call communications and submissions. On bIoTope website, please click the ‘Submit your Proposal’ tab.

To join, you can select one of the three available options: Facebook, LinkedIn or e-mail. If you select one of the first two options, a pop-up will appear in order to grant F6S the permission to authenticate you through the selected platform. If you select to join via email then you need to create a password and also fill in your first and last name.

Once you connect to F6S, the application form will open. You need to fill all the fields in order to be eligible for evaluation. The proposal form consists of five sections. Section 1 ‘Basic information’ asks about the applying company and team. Section 2, ‘Innovativeness’, consists of a set of questions related to your organization’s approach to responding to the presented challenge. Section 3 ‘Implementation’ also includes details on project implementation, concrete deliverables and budget. Section 4 ‘Impact’ asks about your networks and channels for increased impact creation. Section 5 allows you to explain more about your proposal in your own words.

We also ask a few questions for own internal purposes in the end of the form, namely about how you found out about the call, how could we improve our process and whether you could recommend third parties for the proposal.

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