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BIG IoT Second Open Call
Deadline: Mar 8, 2018  

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BIG IoT Second Open Call

BIG IoT project, funded by the H2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014 -2020), has reserved a portion of its budget for specific tasks to be carried out by third parties. These third parties are selected by means of two open calls.

In general, the conditions for participation and funding are those of H2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, as defined principally in Regulation (EC) No 1290/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 December 2013 [1].



The call is open to individual European SMEs, startups, companies, universities, research institutes, public agencies, public utilities, publicly owned companies that:

  1. at the moment of the presentation of the proposal are legally registered in a member state of the European Union or in an H2020 associated country[2];
  2. at the moment of the submission of the proposal are not funded by or otherwise affiliated with any BIG IoT partner[3].

Selected entities will receive funding according to the conditions of the H2020 Framework Program for Research and Innovation as third parties of Siemens AG[4].

Only one entity per proposal will be admitted, so activities in co-operation will not be considered eligible; each participant can submit more than one application but only one application per participant will be funded. Documented support of other parties can strengthen a proposal. For example, a company integrating an IoT platform of a governmental institution can strengthen its proposal through documented support of that institution (e.g., in form of a letter of intent).

It is not required that the headquarters of the applicants are located in any of the three pilot sites, i.e. Barcelona, Piedmont region, Northern Germany.

Successful applicants, who have been awarded funding, are expected to provide proof of their registration in one of the eligible countries[2]  using the PIC number. In addition, successful applicants will be required to sign a Collaboration Agreement with Siemens AG, the BIG IoT Project Coordinator, on behalf of the BIG IoT Consortium in order to be able to receive the funds and become third party of the project. The draft collaboration agreement with the rights and obligations assumed by the third party will be included in the application package.



The main objective of the open call is to grow the BIG IoT ecosystem by integrating new IoT platforms and data sources to the BIG IoT marketplace and exploiting existing and new offerings by developing innovative applications and services.

Proposals should focus on the BIG IoT project domains, i.e. smart mobility and environmental monitoring, and provide description of:

  • Type 1: development of new applications/services based on existing BIG IoT offerings. This kind of proposal only focuses on development of new applications and services using the existing offerings.
  • Type 2: integration of own IoT platforms/services as new offerings on the BIG IoT marketplace and development of new applications/services based on own and/or existing BIG IoT offerings. This kind of proposal foresees both platform integration anddevelopment of new applications and services. Participants are expected to do both activities.

Proposals can provide data or services/applications concerning geographical areas other than BIG IoT pilot ones; nonetheless proposals located in one of the pilot areas will have preference. In case there won’t be enough projects concerning the pilot areas or there is still budget available, also projects concerning other areas external to pilots will be considered. Please note that each project will compete with other proposals for each pilot area/other areas. There will be separate lists of proposals for each pilot; proposals will compete only with other proposals in the same list. For further details concerning the Pilots state of the art, the developed use cases and open call expectations, together with a list of  the offerings available in the marketplace, please refer to “BIG-IoT_Marketplace Offerings and Pilot Use cases Overview “ document .



Proposals are submitted in a one-stage process that means that applicants submit a full proposal before the deadline. However, the applicants will be offered a pre-feasibility check and get feedback to a draft idea. Participants can submit a maximum two-page document describing the proposal and they will receive some high level indication on it, within a week from the submission.

The proposal language has to be English. Proposals submitted in any other language are not eligible. The proposals are submitted by filling out the application form on the F6S portal (coming soon).

Information requested in the proposal:

  1. Title of the contribution, and identification of organization and contact perso
  2. Type of the contribution, i.e. Type 1, or 2.
  3. Area of reference of the proposed solution (e.g. a specific pilot area / more than one pilot area/other area external to the pilots one)
  4. The description of the contribution and the objectives, relating to the BIG IoT approac The proposals must describe how proposed collaboration fits into BIG IoT vision (e.g. with the Pilots expectations) and what is the added value for the BIG IoT. Additionally, a list of activities and their time plan, aligned with the experimentation period must be laid down.
  5. Key milestones and deliverables, considering also the alignment with the internal evaluation perio
  6. The organization profile and key member’s CV, organization, skills and resources.




Call open for applications:                             09:00 CET 26th of January, 2018 => start date delayed to 09:00 CET 30th of January, 2018!!!

Pre-feasibility check:                                      17:00 CET 28th of February, 2018

Deadline for the proposals:                            17:00 CET 8th of March, 2018

Notification of selected projects:                   Mid of April, 2018

Project Start:                                                     May, 2018

Project End:                                                      September, 2018




By taking part in the BIG IoT ecosystem: 

  • application and service developers can on one hand reduce time-to-market of their services and applications by decreasing efforts for implementing platform specific interfaces. On the other hand, they can build their services on top of a rich pool of offerings coming from different platforms and domains.
  • platform owners and service providers can reach more customers for their offerings and seize the opportunities to partnership with other parties in order to provide more sophisticated offerings.


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