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Art and the digital: Unleashing creativity for European industry, regions and society
Deadline: Oct 30, 2020  

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Art and Technology team up in regional S+T+ARTS initiatives centres to facilitate urban development.

This call will solicit proposals that link existing and planned initiatives across Europe that develop synergies between the arts and digital technologies to boost uptake of the digital by local business, facilitate and enable sustainable urban development and social cohesion, and contribute to a humane dimension of technology. The contention of this call is that, in order to enable such cross-overs, it is necessary to support the creation of local centres across European regions that promote synergies between art and technology and to create a Europe-wide network of like-minded cities/regions willing to host such centers. Such ‘regional STARTS centres’ could form the core of a movement towards an art-inspired European approach to innovation. Consortia must contribute   funds  for grants to artists in residencies and for artistic experiments. Proposals should build on existing STARTS initiatives and the two previous STARTS regional center pilot projects but  increase considerably  the reach of STARTS beyond this existing base, in particular by including partners from member states not yet actively involved in STARTS.

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