Argentina Globalstars Call for Proposals
Deadline: Mar 22, 2017  

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Call description

Within the GlobalStars initiative of EUREKA, based on the mutual consent, Argentina is determined as a privileged country to increase cooperation. Participants from Argentina and respective EUREKA member states are invited to submit joint project proposals in the fields of industrial and technological research and development in the framework of the EUREKA program.

This call invites projects in ALL thematic areas, reflecting the bottom-up approach of the EUREKA Network projects.

The Call is announced in the field of industrial research and development between Argentina and respective EUREKA member countries within the EUREKA program. In order to submit a project proposal under this Call, at least 1 partner from Argentina and 1 partner from a EUREKA member or associated country participating in the Call (Austria, France, South Africa Spain and/or Turkey) must build a consortium.

The Call is launched on 28 November 2016 by all parties. Partners are asked to send their applications no later than 22 March 2017, 05:00 pm CET. Prior consultation with the official relevant contact person in the respective EUREKA office is strongly advised (see details below) in order to receive support on how to complete the application, the national funding rules, the timeline of the call, etc. 


The member countries participating are:

  • Argentina (MINCYT)
  • Austria (FFG)
  • France (Bpifrance)
  • South Africa (DST)
  • Spain (CDTI)
  • Turkey (Tübitak)

All parties will provide all necessary assistance to project partners during project proposal, evaluation and monitoring phase. In addition, all parties will facilitate EUREKA application process and acquisition of the EUREKA label for accepted proposals.

These organizations will also provide access to public funding for labelled joint projects. The support will be given to each partner by its own authorities in accordance with the national laws, rules, regulations and procedures in effect, on a non-exchange of funds basis, and subject to budgetary availability.


Eligibility criteria

  • The project consortiums should consist of at least 1 company from Argentina and 1 company from one of the EUREKA member or associated countries participating in this Call (Austria, France, South Africa, Spain and Turkey). Participation of research institutes/universities is welcome as partners or subcontractors according to each country’s funding regulations.
  • Companies from other countries may also participate, but they will not be funded by the participating parties of this call.
  • The project partners must express the will to cooperate, on an equal base, to the development of a new product, industrial process or service. The product, process or service must be innovative and there must be a technological risk involved.
  • The projects should come up within applied research and experimental development as defined in the Frascati manual.
  • The project should have an obvious advantage and added value resulting from the technological cooperation between the participants (e.g. increased knowledge base, commercial leads, access to R&D infrastructure etc.).
  • The project should demonstrate the contribution of all the partners from the participating countries on an equal base, and the project must be equally significant to them.
  • The duration of the project may not exceed 36 months.


Application process

Common documents (fulfilled in English):

1. EUREKA Project Application Form. The template can be downloaded at This document has to be legally signed by all participating companies. The signatures must be scanned and sent together with the EUREKA form as an integral part of the application.

2. Consortium Agreement  on the commercialization of the product, process or service once the phase of research and development has been completed which includes the ownership and use of know-how and IPR settlements.

National Application of each participant

The completed EUREKA Project Application Form should be submitted by the main participant to the following email:  

Each participant will send the EUREKA Application Form, the consortium agreement and the National Application before the deadline and simultaneously in all the countries involved in the project according to the national procedures. The participants are required, prior the official endorsement of the Eureka High Level Group, to have signed a consortium agreement.

Any partner whose cooperative R&D project is consistent with the aforesaid criteria can apply to the present announcement in accordance with the national laws, rules, regulations and procedures in effect.

Summary of the national procedures (fulfilled in the national language).

  • In Argentina, the participants will have to contact the national project officer to submit the proposal.
  • In Austria, the participants have to submit the national application to General Programs at
  • In FranceFrench SME’s will be invited to contact the appropriate regional office of Bpifrance to submit the national application to general programs at
  • In Spain, the participants will have to submit a formal R&D international project – Eureka project application through CDTI’s website ( including an updated application form, draft consortium agreement and national project outline.
  • In South Africathe participants can apply for funding by submitting a project outline that will be submitted to EUREKA to at least one month before submitting to EUREKA. The PO should clearly outline the objective of the project, partners and each partners’ tasks and budget. The SA applicants will further be invited to deliver a presentation for the national evaluation to a panel Chaired by the DST and also including other national experts in the area. In the presentation the applicant should clearly outline in addition to the info in the PO the strategic relevance of the project to SA, alignment to the SA national priorities, final product and IP share, and research, development and innovation (RDI) output. The SA funding is available to all RDI performing institutions with projects that are at a close to market stage and relevant to science and technology. There is no fixed rate for SA funding but it will be on a co-funding model also requiring the applicant’s own investment in the project, and the applications will be handled case by case
  • In Turkey, the participants will have to submit a formal national application through TEYDEB’s website ( including the signed version of EUREKA Application Form.


Funding details

Each country will fund its eligible participants within EUREKA framework. Funding conditions and eligibility criteria may vary from country to country. As summary, main aspects of funding criteria are explained below:


The founding will be provided by The National Agency for Scientific and Technological Promotion (ANPCYT), a national organization dependent on MINCyT in charge of promoting funding of projects aimed at improving social, economic and cultural conditions in Argentina.

Non-Refundable Financial Contributions of up to 80% of the Argentinian company investment in the project.

Only SMEs (according to Argentinean regulation) can apply for funding. Participation of non-SME companies is welcome, but these companies must send a letter committing to self-fund their participation in the project.

Please contact MINCYT for further information regarding the funding criteria. 


The funding in Austria will be provided by FFG General Programmes, here only companies are eligible for submitting the proposal, universities and research organization can participate in consortium as subcontractor of an Austrian enterprise.

FFG will fund R&D projects in form of grants: small enterprises up to 60%, midcaps up to 50% and large companies up to 40% of eligible project costs.

The evaluation procedure can start after submitting national proposal.


French funding rules:

According to Bpifrance funding rules, French Enterprises with less than 2000 employees are financed through reimbursable loan with 0 interests and a grace period covering the development duration (1 to 3 years). The global funding amount will be partly not reimbursable in case of technical failure. The funding rate is up to 65% (maximum amount 3 M€). The repayment plan is defined based on the estimates of the return on investments linked to the project.

University/Research Organizations are not funded. They are welcomed as subcontractors of a French company. Costs relating to subcontracting are taken into account.

Bpifrance provides funding support to cover French companies needs in the preparation of their project via the Technological Partnership Aid (APT).

Companies must demonstrate their financial capacities to undertake their participation in the project by self-funding the costs which are not covered by Bpifrance.

South Africa

DST will finance industrial research and/or technological development activities of South African participants who are based in a legal entity and RDI performing institutions with projects that are at a close to market stage and relevant to science and technology. For further information, please contact directly with DST via Mr Toto Matshediso at,,  or 012 843 6339


CDTI will finance industrial research and/or technological development activities of Spanish companies. Universities and research centers can be funded as subcontractors.

Funding conditions for Spanish partners may vary depending on the nature of the project and the beneficiary. For more information please access:       

Spanish tasks in the project can only start after submitting the funding application to CDTI. For further information, please contact directly with CDTI.


All companies which were established in accordance with Turkish law can apply for funding for their international projects. There is no budget limit for international projects and they can be funded by TUBITAK without any restriction in project duration. Only companies participating in international projects are funded within this program but universities and research centers can be funded as subcontractors.

Companies receive certain percentage of their eligible costs as a grant in this call. There is no maximum or minimum limit to the budget of project. The percentage is 60% for large companies and 75% for SMEs.

For further information about financing of Turkish participants please directly contact with TÜBİTAK. Detailed information can also be reached from here. 


Endorsement of the projects:

No later than 6 months since the Labelling of the projects, it is expected that the national funding phases have been finished and communicated to the Eureka Secretariat by completing the Early Progress Check. Once every member of the consortium has received the approval of the national funding or has confirmed the self-funding with a formal letter, the projects can be endorsed by the EUREKA HLG.


Monitoring of the projects:

The monitoring of the EUREKA projects will be performed according to the approved process for EUREKA Network Projects.

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