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Advanced digital skills analysis
Deadline: Feb 22, 2022  

 Education and Training


Outcomes and deliverables

A refined knowledge of the market needs related to different digital technologies and insights to design relevant and high-quality learning opportunities, in line with the latest technological development.


The objective of this action is to support the rollout of initiatives for advanced digital skills development, by gathering inputs on the existing education offers in digital areas and the related needs of the labour market.


The chosen project shall deliver an analysis of the labour market needs and recommend priority areas for investment and give indication son the most appropriate delivery modes for training. In particular, funding will cover:

  • A market analysis on gaps in the education/training offer in selected areas, as well as ways to address them.
  • Identifying the potential added value of EU actions in the Digital Europe Programme, compared to what is offered in the market and propose adequate formats and duration of courses.
  • Disseminate information about the skills actions funded by this programme in the relevant stakeholder communities.
  • Detecting emerging trends in the application of certain technologies and the relative skills needs advising on the interconnection between the Digital Europe Programme skills actions on advanced technologies.
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Implementation: Executive Agency

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