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Deadline: 31 Oct 2018   CALL EXPIRED

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The 2nd Call for Proposals within the ENI CBC Programme Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2014-2020 has been lunched on 1st August 2018.

 The Call is open ONLY for the Thematic Objective HERITAGE within both its priorities:

  1. Promotion of local culture and history and
  2. Promotion and preservation of natural heritage.

The 2nd Call is dedicated to microprojects (projects with small budgets), offering mainly non-investment activities promoting cooperation, building of new cross-border citizens’ contacts and relations, exchange of experiences and social initiatives in connection with local culture and historical and natural heritage. Events related to culture, art, sport, education, promotion of history and natural heritage and all kind of similar events supporting cross-border cooperation will be supported by the Programme, as well as promotion and cultivation of common traditions of the borderland areas, cross-border cooperation between schools and higher education institutions, NGOs touristic and cultural endeavors. Promotion of cultural diversity and minorities and development of local communities will also be targeted through the microprojects.

Range of grants:

The money available in this Call for financing of projects equals to 5,2 mln EUR. The grant value for the project must be within 20 000 and 60 000 EUR.


The deadline for submitting the Application Forms is 31st October 2018 (including this day, for hand deliveries – till 15.00 local time).

The expected date of project selection is mid 2019.

The Application Forms must be submitted using the generator which will be published on the Programme website in the nearest future.

General requirements for microprojects:

The microprojects shall meet the following conditions:

  • contribute to the Programme and its objectives;
  • contribute to at least one Programme output and the result indicator;
  • have a strong and evident cross-border aspect;
  • have reasonable budget;
  • fulfill the partnership criteria.

All details regarding the rules of this Call are described in the Programme Manual 2nd Call for Proposals (projects with small budgets) which can be downloaded together with all annexes here.  

Before preparing the Application Form, please read all the documents carefully. Their English version are official and binding but the same content for information purposes is available on the Programme website also in national languages.


  • Assessment (administrative, eligibility and quality check) done simultaneously;
  • Short and simple Application Form – no Concept Notes!
  • Lack of AFs’ annexes at the application stage;
  • Simplified costs options - lump sums: staff costs, travels and flate rate (%): administrative costs;
  • Pre-financing - 85% of the EU grant;
  • 1 (Final) report (financial and narrative);
  • Eligibility of Beneficiaries – done after JMC decision.

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