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Summary for the Open Call


INNOLABS is looking for new cross-sectorial health solutions for personalized health. To achieve this purpose, INNOLABS will invest 3.75 Million EUR with the aim to foster collaboration, transfer of knowledge and opportunities among European SMEs for different countries and sectors in order to develop, improve and deliver disruptive technologies for personalized health.

More specifically, INNOLABS aims to support projects based on the combination of ICT, BIO, Health and Medical sectors for the benefit of ageing populations and rural areas that incorporate mHealth technologies.

INNOLABS main objective is that SMEs with mutually reinforcing competencies can be supported in view of creating new industrial value chains that foster the development of emerging industries in Europe. To this end, INNOLABS is specifically carrying on a large number of activities:

• 2 Contest Idea Events and associated Open Calls for team profile matching and competition. Best ideas will be funded and a specific 3-months fast innovation pipeline provided as opt in, on top of the normal acceleration program.
• 3 Hacktathons and 3 Bootcamps with SME patronage competitions. Direct prizes for best ideas.

• Focussed lectures, workshops, webinars and different event formats used and employed for achieving objectives.
• Innovation vouchers, prizes and other measures for direct support.

Starting on the 1st of January 2017, the project has a duration of 2.5 years and is supported by Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation.

First INNOLABS Open Call

INNOLABS 1st Open Call for innovative projects in personalized healthcare will be open from the 15th of June until the 30th of September 2017. Up to 25 best ideas from SMEs will be selected to enrol into anAcceleration Programmewhere each team will obtain support worth up to 50,000€ (equity-free) per project, distributed as follows:

  • 30,000€ direct cash funding.

  • Up to 10,000€ as innovation vouchers to be spent in services provided by external

    providers validated by Consortium.

  • Up to 10.000€ in additional services provided by consortium partners based on SMEs

    Further, up to 25 finalist projects will be selected and receive up to 10,000€ in innovation services per project; this includes:

  • • Up to 5,500€ as innovation vouchers to be spent in services provided by external providers validated by Consortium.
  • • Up to 4.500€ in additional services provided by consortium partners based on SMEs needs.

The Acceleration Programme will start in December 2017, and during 9 months INNOLABS will provide financial support and offer expert knowledge.

Furthermore a 3 months Fast Lane Programme will be offered to 5 teams of the Open Call.
The INNOLABS acceleration program is non-residential; all collaboration with teams will be done


The 25 best projects in the ranking are named ‘awarded’; the 25 runner ups (position 26-50) in the ranking are named ‘finalists’.

1. The challenges to tackle

The first Open Call, is open to smart health solutions based on combination of ICT, BIO, Health and Medicine sectors. Proposed solutions should solve or meet the needs of ageing populations in rural and urban areas.

For this first INNOLABS Open Call seeks proposals to address at least one of the following proposed challenges:

  1. ICT and health - The challenge is to help ageing populations remain independent and active in their communities (especially rural and remote ones) with ICT-based assistive solutions. These solutions should be accessible to consumers (the silver economy) and institutional health care providers and promote participation of stakeholders in the care continuum. They also need to be interoperable and secure whether the solution is an mHealth or eHealth.

  2. Biotech and health – As people age they become more susceptible to chronic diseases and co-morbidities (e.g. cancer and diabetes). The challenge is to use biotechnology to support an approach to care that is predictive, preventative and personalised. This encompasses diagnosis, prognosis, treatment options. In practical terms the benefits range from early detection of disease conditions, better informed and personalised clinical decisions in diagnosis and treatment and empowered patients with effective shared care plans.

  3. Solutions generated by end-users need identification – We are seeing a shift from industry-driven products to ones that are more demand-driven by the end-user. This might involve the co-design of solutions as well as their testing. With this challenge, we are seeking solutions that builds on an original idea generated from (i) someone working within or (ii) a patient(s) treated by - a service along the health and social care continuum. In particular, we are interested in products and processes that are more affordable and less invasive.

Applicants need to engage one or more of these specific challenges in order to be an eligible candidate.


2. Application requirements

The requirements to participate in the INNOLABS Open Call process are as follows:

  • -  Teams will have to address the challenges of the Open Call.

  • -  Teams must be composed of at least 2 legal entities from an EU or associate country

  • -  Teams must be led by an SME.

  • -  The proposed innovation project must include cross over between sectors namely

ITC, BIO, Medical and target addressing listed Health challenges in the INNOLABS

first open call.

  • -  Extra points in the evaluation, if team represents legal entities from 2 different


  • -  Extra points in the evaluation, if the team is composed by at least 2 SMEs.

  • -  Extra points if the Project Leader has been awarded the EC Seal of Excellence in the 12 months preceding call launch.

    In order to help participants to search for partners, a matchmaking portal will be available on the INNOLABS web page.

3. Application process

In order to participate in the INNOLABS Open Call process, application form must contain:

- The Proposal has to follow the templates provided for this purpose:
o Max.10pagesprojectapplication:thedocumentmustcontaintheideaand overall concept, including the state of development and the state-of-the- art. Also, a description of the technology and tools expected to be used, as well as the expected impact in the field at global level. The proposal must contain in turn a short work-plan describing and explaining the methodology to be developed and the implementation of the project – it

needs to be made clear how INNOLABS support will make a difference.
o A one-page Lean Business Canvas (as Annex I of the proposal) for which a

template is provided.

  • -  Max. 10 slides pitch: the document must be very synthetic and contain the name

    and logo of your company, the project idea, the problem that you are trying to solve and the solution that you are implementing, the advantages of your project idea, the main aspects of the team, data of the market opportunity, a description of your competitors, the revenue model and marketing strategy, and 3-5 years of financial projections and the investment that you need. A pitch deck template is provided as a guide for this purpose.

  • -  Short Video (2 min max.): beneficiaries are encouraged to provide a short video to introduce the team, providing information about the key personnel involved in the project and the complementarity of the profiles.

  • -  Declaration of Honour: the beneficiaries must certify that all information provided is correct. They must also be completely committed to participate in the project that they are submitting and comply with the eligibility criteria. The declaration of honour states also that this very same project proposal does not receive funds elsewhere.

Other practical aspects to take into account:


English is the official language for the open calls.
Proposal submission will be done through INNOLABS webpage (


4. Evaluation process

Proposals will be reviewed firstly by the INNOLABS consortium members, and proposals that fit the eligibility criteria will be pre-selected.
In a second stage, the pre-selected proposals will be evaluated by independent experts according to the following criteria:

  • -  Innovation of the idea (1-10 points)

  • -  Team and competitive advantage (1-10 points)

  • -  Potential Impact (1-10 points)

  • -  Growth plan during and beyond and beyond INNOLABS support period (1-10 points)

  • -  Fit with INNOLABS priorities (1-10 points)

  • -  Implementation Plan (1-10 points)

  • -  Overall impression and presentation (1-10 points)

The evaluation results will be communicated to applicants within two months from the call closure.
A ranking list according to the results of the expert’s evaluation will be made and these results will be communicated to the INNOLABS 1st Open Call applicants, via email.

5. Selected teams

Selected teams will be requested to sign a Sub-Grant Agreement and to submit proof of:

  • -  Legal existence

  • -  Financial statement

  • -  CEO’s IDs

  • -  Bank information account

  • -  Internal consortium agreement.

    All documentation for grant preparation is to be submitted electronically via email. The INNOLABS consortium may request translation of documents submitted in a language that cannot be processed by the consortium partners. Languages that can be processed: English, French, German, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Polish, Bulgarian, Greek, Portuguese, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish).

6. Monitoring teams and financial follow-up

Selected teams will have access to 2 types of support:
- each team will be supported by a Key Account Manager (KAM) assigned by the INNOLABS project Monitoring Committee. The KAM will be committed to helping each team to perform gap analysis and assist with selecting innovation support services provided by external providers and consortium participants. The KAM will be a single point of contact for all sub-granted project management issues throughout the acceleration period.
- 25 best ideas teams will obtain support worth up to 50,000€ distributed as follows:

o Direct funding (30k) will be lump sum. The direct funding will be distributed in three payments:

  • -  10,000€ as pre-financing;

  • -  10,000€ at mid-term, in case of green light on the review of progress achieved;

  • -  10,000€ at project end, in case of successful completion and achievement of proposed results.

Each team will have to deliver mid-term and final reviews of planned milestones in order to receive the respective payments.

o The innovation vouchers (Up to 10,000€) can be used in services provided by external providers. Those services will be available on the INNOLABS homepage.

o The additional support services provided by consortium partners based on SMEs needs. - 25 best finalist’s teams will obtain support worth up to 10,000€ distributed as follows:

o The innovation vouchers (Up to 5,500€) can be used in services provided by external providers. Those services will be available on the INNOLABS homepage.

o The additional support services provided by consortium partners based on SMEs needs.

Funds will be disbursed to the team leader (an SME) of a project. Teams will have to provide a breakdown of the distribution of funds among the SMEs in the team; only SMEs can be beneficiaries.

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