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137971 - TWINNING CALL FOR PROPOSALS - Approximation of Ukrainian legislation with the EU in the field of plant protection products and plant health and strengthening associated inspection and laboratory services - Ukraine
Deadline: Jul 18, 2016  

 Plant Health
 Health Care
 Environmental protection

  1. Publication reference


  2. Programme and Financing source

    Project: Approximation of Ukrainian legislation with the EU in the field of plant protection products and plant health and strengthening associated inspection and laboratory services

    Programme: ENPI Annual Action Programme for Ukraine 2012

  3. Nature of activities, geographical area and project duration

(a) The project aims to protect human health and the environment from possible risks associated with the use of plant protection products, by establishing a legislative and management framework to achieve the proper use of plant protection products and improve associated inspection and laboratory systems in line with EU standards

(b) Geographical area: Ukraine

(c) Maximum project duration: 21 months (duration of assignment) / 24 months (legal duration)

4. Overall amount available for this Call for Proposals and maximum grant amount (if Twinning Light)

EUR 2,000,000

5. Eligibility: Who may apply


Only Public Administrations and Mandated bodies as per Twinning Manual of European Union MS may apply through European Union MSs’ National Contact Points.

See section 3 of the Twinning Manual: Submission and selection of proposals.



  1. Provisional notification date of results of the award process

    August 2016


  2. Selection and Award criteria

    Selection criteria consider the operational capacity of the key experts mentioned in the proposal; the assessment is expressed on a Yes/No basis and a single negative evaluation of one criterion disqualifies the proposal.

    Award criteria consider the merit of the main qualifying aspects of the proposal and are evaluated applying a scoring system (1to 5):

    Selection and award of the MS organization will be based on an evaluation of several qualitative aspects including but not limited to the proposed methodology, the experience of the proposed RTA and PL, the experience of the organization in co-operation projects and the MS presentation, etc.

    See annex C6 of the Twinning Manual: Administrative compliance and Eligibility grid and annex C8 of the Twinning Manual: Evaluation Grid Twinning Selections under ENPI.


  3. Twinning proposal and details to be provided

    Twinning proposals must be submitted to the EU Member States National Contact Points for Twinning following the instructions of the Twinning Manual which must be strictly observed (including the use of the template).

    National Contact Points for Twinning will then select one Twinning proposal and submit it to the Contracting Authority within the deadline for applications.

    For each application, one copy should be sent by the email address of the National Contact Point.

  4. Deadline for applications

    Deadline for submission of Twinning proposals by the National Contact Points to the Contracting Authority: 18 July 2016 at 17:00 Kyiv time.

    The deadline for submission of Twinning proposals by the EU Member State Public Administrations to the corresponding National Contact Point, is decided by the latter.

    Any application received by the Contracting Authority after this deadline will not be considered.

  5. Detailed information

    Detailed information on this Call for Proposals is contained in the Twinning Manual and the specific project fiches, which are available at the European Union Member States National Contact Points for Twinning.


The date envisaged for the evaluation committee meetings is 29 July 2016, location: the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine (101, Volodymyrska Street, Ukraine 01033, Kyiv).

The MS delegation should always include the proposed Project Leader and RTA(s). 

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