Züleyha Öğür,Antalya Provincial Directorate of Health

: Mar 26, 2019

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Antalya Provincial Directorate of Health, formal local representative of Ministry of Health of Turkey, which is governmental body is responsible of regulation, audition, and coordination, checking and controlling all public and private health service providers, moreover planning dissemination and delivering of health service and taking responsibility making this tasks effectively and efficiently within ;

She is expert in eliciting public participation in health promotion. She was worked both manager and researcher, in several EU-Projects and in different local National Projects, furthermore he controlled Project Finance and Budgets. Also he is a Project Cycle Management Trainer. She took on the task of project coordinator of Ministry of Health of Turkey, Institute of Public Hospitals and Secretariat General of ;

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 Health Care
 Medical equipment
 Innovation & Research
 International Project Management

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