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: Aug 8, 2016

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Youth Center Idrija (Mladinski center Idrija) is a community space and youth node in the town of Idrija (Slovenia) that functions as a meeting place for young people and increasingly for the whole community of Idrija. The story of Youth Center Idrija dates back in 2008, when the need for a common youth space was articulated at one of the round tables organized by Student’s Association Idrija. A petition for the founding of such space followed and a vision plan for it was written by young activists of Students’ Association Idrija and local Scouts’ Association. After years of negotiations with local government, a 300 m2 in the old monastery were given into use to young local people in 2012. Youth center Idrija was thus formed as an umbrella organization by 3 local NGO (Scouts' Association Rod srebrnih krtov Idrija, Association for youth development Idrija 2020 and Students' Association Idrija). Youth volunteers renovated the spaces and furnished it with second-hand and DIY furniture, donated by inhabitants and businesses of Idrija. In 2015, additional 40 m2 were acquired to host youth-led makers’ and hackers’ space.

Today the aim of the community youth space is to encourage public participation of youth in decision-making processes, structured dialogue, youth mobility and volunteering, informal education, social inclusion and inter-cultural dialogue, creative and active free time …

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 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Capacity Building
 Child Care
 Sustainable Development
 Urban transport
 Youth Exchanges
 Partnership Management

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