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: May 31, 2016

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VOLO Engineering and Consulting is an engineering firm composed of a multidisciplinary team of engineers and researchers active in Transport, Hydraulics & Environment, Sustainability, Climate changing, Urban planning, Geotechnics, Hydrogeology, Energy, Water Treatment (New Patented Solution). VOLO core business is applied engineering services and environmental hydraulic research to develop advanced and innovative engineering solution in civil design.

VOLO deals, with research applied in Hydraulics Urban Drainage, Sustainable Management Services for the Water-Energy Cycle. The team is expert in Best Management practices (BMPs) and Low impact development (LID) developed in a national project PON 01_02543 "Service of integrated and sustainable management of the water cycle - energy in urban drainage systems" (years 2011-2015).

The VOLO team is composed of a group of international experts with a solid experience in the management and design of engineering projects in Italy, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, ...

Keywords and matching areas:

 Energy Efficiency
 Sustainable Development
 Smart Cities
 Innovation & Research
 Water Resource Management
 Sustainable Transport
 Urban transport
 Civil Engineering

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