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: Mar 29, 2017

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Unioncamere del Veneto (UCV) represents the five Chambers of Commerce (UCV) of Veneto Region and hosts Eurosportello del Veneto (), an information and assistance office providing services and helping its business community to work better in the European market. Eurosportello del Veneto is a partner of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), the world's largest business support network, with more than 600 offices located in 60 different countries. The main tasks of Unioncamere include the design and implementation of activities in strict coordination with regional and local institutions, business associations, research centres and universities, in favour of economic development, internationalisation of SMEs, consumer protection, quality assurance, market surveillance, IP protection etc. Since 1991, UCV has hosted the Euro Info Centre informing, advising, and assisting businesses on EU issues, which has become the EU Policy Department. Eurosportello del Veneto coordinates Friend Europe, one of the five Italian Enterprise Europe Network Consortia. Last but not least, UCV has an efficient enterprise database through which it is able to identify and manage relationships with entrepreneurs who work in all the major economic sectors. Furthermore, UCV has direct contacts with companies and transport service providers. UCV has a strong history over 20 years in managing large EC-funded projects in many different sectors, thus lending itself well to contributing a major role, thanks to its experience in project management and quality project developments, its established networks and communication channels for carrying out the necessary activities, as well as its strong links with its Representative office in Brussels. The staff has developed an excellent knowledge of EU institutions and programmes thanks to participation in EEN, as well as key skills in the field of innovation support, internationalization services, tourism, research and innovation, technology transfer, transport and SME ;

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 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Energy Efficiency
 Intelligent Energy
 Creative Industries
 Cultural heritage
 Industrial heritage
 Cross-border cooperation

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