: Mar 5, 2021

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Our mission is to provide students with a qualitative education, incorporating the results of valuable scientific research, enhancing the knowledge of Albanian society through teaching, creativity, using the best scientific achievements, in patnership with the labor market and international partners. We intend to be a leader university in developing knowledge in the Albanian society, a center of excellence for the academic training of our students, a center of expertise specialized in the field of social-political, economic and legal studies in the country, in the region and beyond, as well as a center of excellence in specific research areas.

In line with the goal of reinforcing internationalization, project development and scientific research, as well as in the light of the successful experience with the Senior & Young Researcher initiative, UET has updated its 2017-2020 research strategy approved by the Academic Senate. Thus, UET has institutionalized and continuously improved a system of encouraging, measuring and evaluating the scientific research work of the academic staff members, in order to reinforce the scientific research dimension in UET. Through this strategy, UET aims to become a center of expertise in the fields of social studies, humanities, law, economics, information technology, arts, medical technical sciences, engineering, etc.  UET strives to achieve these goals by working with reliable national and international partners. Scientific research at UET aims at enhancing the quality of teaching and learning by updating and improving the expertise of the academic staff, transferring contemporary achievements of science to students and including them into research activities.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Enterprise and Industry
 Social Innovation
 Arts Education
 Cultural heritage
 Cross-border cooperation
 Horizon Europe
 Human Rights

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