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: May 30, 2016

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Training for North-South Development provides consulting and adult training services in the following areas:

Project Cycle Management  

Based on the main project cycle management donors’ manuals, this training presents the six phases of project cycle management from identification of development projects to monitoring and ; The training sessions are built around the logical framework matrix, and the building of the « problem tree »  and the « solutions tree ».  This is a very useful training for future development project managers and project back-stoppers.  

Negotiation skills applied to WTO negotiations and the United Nations

Based on the institutional functioning of the WTO and its Agreements,  this training takes participants through the principles of the theory of ; A progressive approach is adopted. The training takes participants through simulations from daily life situations, , buying a house, to negotiating an agreement with a public entity up to the WTO multilateral negotiations, including the Doha Development Agenda (DDA).  This a most needed training for officials involved in the WTO negotiating and monitoring processes.  One of the presentations of this training is available on

This training can be also adapted to other institutional frameworks, such as the United Nations and its specialised agencies.  Mrs Iorio gave a training at the Graduate Institute in Geneva on negotiations skills on human rights.

Trade and Development

This training shades light on the impact of trade on development ; It deals with the developing countries challenges as it concerns implementation of trade policies. It is an interesting training for diplomats who are to be posted in developing countries ;  Aid for Trade, Special and Differential Treatment, and the DDA are part of the curriculum.  This is a specific training for officials who are newly appointed to development and trade policy follow-up.

EU procedures

Based on the European Commission DEVCO practical guide on procurement and grants (PRAG) and its policy guidelines, this training presents EU-funded projects rules, namely procurement and grants as contained in the practical guide of the external procedures of the EU as well as the programming cycle and the history of the EU international ; This is a good training for officials who follow EU affairs and for NGOs who want to access and/or manage EU funded-projects.

Global Governance Trade and the Crisis in Europe  

 Based on the collection of articles contained in the book Global Governance Trade and the Crisis in Europe, this workshop/training focuses on major global governance challenges, including education systems and innovation in ; It provides the opportunity to analyze and better master major economic and political challenges faced by Europe in a rapidly changing global environement from a hands-on policy-experience perspective.  


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