: Sep 20, 2019

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TERRA SPATIUM SA is a Greek SME with 30 years of focused experience and a wide range of capabilities in the fields of Remote Sensing and Geo-information. Taking advantage of the resources, skills and experience built since 1989 when the company was established, TERRA SPATIUM creates added value for its customers through application specific processing, production and dissemination of all-source geospatial data and Geo-information.
TERRA SPATIUM is able to design, implement, organize and support rigorous geospatial systems and customized applications. From system architecture & operational concept to software & hardware integration, including Geo-Data Base, Image Server, GIS projects and their respective Web application. Taking advantage of the resources and the highly experienced personnel we are able to exploit big earth observation data offering cutting edge geospatial services with the use of various technologies (free and open source software, proprietary/commercial software), horizontal Spatial Data Infrastructures according to the INSPIRE Directive.
Moreover, TERRA SPATIUM carries the industrial support of the Greek ground segment for the intelligence satellite HELIOS-II.

TERRA SPATIUM aims to offer integrated and dedicated geospatial solutions for advanced markets and applications in the fields of Geoinformation:

  • Mapping & Cadastre,
  • Environmental and physical surface management,
  • Agriculture and Forestry,
  • Monitoring and management of utility networks,
  • Defence & Security,
  • Maritime surveillance,
  • Land border control

We start from our proven capacity to provide dedicated imagery data and tailored geoinformation products and build-up towards the establishment of spatial knowledge management systems and user oriented geoservices.
In this effort we bring along the wide range of capabilities within the ATESE SA group (Defense & Security, Engineering & Consulting and Information Technology & Communications), our field-tested local and international partners, and a valuable know-how from our active involvement in related projects and programs (EU Horizon 2020 & FP7 framework, ESA, EDA, national R&D).

Keywords and matching areas:

 Marine and Coast
 Aerospace Technology
 Agricultural Biotechnology
 Digital Agenda for Europe
 Water Resource Management
 Aeronautics Industries
 Smart Mobility
 Artificial Intelligence

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