: Dec 8, 2016

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TENEVIA, the specialist in observation through image processing and environment analysis and simulation, develops and markets innovative solutions for local authorities and businesses.

“Sensor” systems using image processing to take measurements.

TENEVIA’s measurement system is based on efficient software that can process and analyse images in natural environments. Its flagship application, TENEVIA RiverBoard®, a video-based hydrometry concept, provides an efficient and economical multi-functional solution with cameras above the water (no contact), to support decision making. This technology can be used to measure the height and velocity of water, gather concentrated data and monitor in real time.

Reproduction, management and optimisation tools.

The expertise and tools proposed by TENEVIA make it possible to show the operation of hydro-systems: assessment of the hydroelectric potential, balanced and lasting management of the water resource, flood and low water forecasts. The information for all of these challenges can be given in study reports or mapped data flows.

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 Natural Resources
 Renewable Energy
 Innovation & Research
 Sustainable Tourism

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