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: Jan 26, 2016

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About Me

We, GFE Sternbahn™ UG (PIC number 911730937), are an young startup from Germany.

We are a Service Provider and an R&D company, one of Our goals is to marry Innovations in Robotics with Geodata, so that better data accquisation as well as better quality controls and analysis becomes the norm.

A number of open source development will be pursued parallel to the above mentioned one to ensure a tight synergy with the open-source community.

In near future, Sternbahn™ will pursue further goals in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Remote Sensing.

Our vision is to utilize the European infrastructure, revive outclassed industries, as long as it is compatible with our mission, and develop a strong synergy with other European and International startups and innovators.

We are currently developing :

  1. High precision camera
  2. Innovative antenna and beamforming for LPD
  3. New web mapping paradigms
  4. Solutions to the SLAM problem with respect to airborne survey missions.
  5. Miniature vaccum tube and non-silicon electronics


Keywords and matching areas:

 Earth Sciences
 Mathematics and Statistics
 Mobile technology
 Cartography & Maps
 Open Source

Ideas in Progress

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