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: Jan 20, 2016

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"Citizen Voice" is a social enterprise in Riga, Latvia, working in the field of civic participation and public engagement, promoting tools for better civic participation in decision making processes.

Main project of "Citizen Voice" is - a public participation platform in Latvia where every citizen of Latvia at least 16 years of age can submit and sign initiatives and e-petitions for any level legislation change.

In four years has proved itself to be one of the most effective, widespread and popular civic participation projects in Latvia's history. has been recognized as an open government success story all across the globe. It was mentioned by US President Barack Obama during the Open Government Partnership Initiative launching event, it has been featured in publications by New York Times and The Guardian, as well as recognized as

“one of the outstanding challengers from Eastern and Central Europe”.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Social Affaires and Inclusion
 Development and Cooperation
 European Union
 Digital Society
 Policy Evaluation and Governance

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