: Mar 13, 2017

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When we thought for the first time to lay a NGO specialized in international cooperation projects we had few ideas about how and what to do, but we were convinced of our important pillars. The first was our will to do  projects that seek at the beneficiaries development and autonomy. We wanted to create an instrument for the beneficiaries, exactly, our NGO should be an instrument for them, it should not be us to plan their itinerary, but all together finding the better path. It’s not possible to venture in other cultures, with the certainty that everybody should rich the ours, first of all because we have many doubts that our culture is best one, and secondary we strongly believe that everyone has to be free to choose his future. The second was that we wanted to sustain the constant and conscious involvement of beneficiaries and this one was the bedrock of our statute. The association “Salam” was born after a debate with the first beneficiaries of the first project, it was born to face the needs of a group of 20 Saharawi. Therefore the aim of Salam is to share a project of development and exchange of life and training knowledges. I use the word training and not education, because I believe that communities that fight for their self-determination need to train for the daily life. It doesn’t mean to achieve a degree useful to work, but living life with clarity and dignity, also a life in the desert, but always bear in mind where is his future and how to reach it. For all these reasons our third pillar was that our future projects will be able to stand by themselves and to be autonomous. All these pillars are the basis of our idea of cooperation that could be employed all around the world, but we choose the Mediterranean Sea because this sea is not only a lagoon, but a place of encounters of people. I add also the existence of three causes of self-determination: Palestine, Saharawi and Kurd. All this is the basis of our work, of our way of thinking the world, that world that we hope it could be realized in all the place where people are able to fight for their ;

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 Aid to Refugees
 Cross-border cooperation
 Euro-Mediterranean Relations
 Migrants and Refugees
 Human Rights

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