R&D team leader in Industrial Gas company

: Aug 28, 2019

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R&D manager, leading  projects targetting industrial application, interested by any topic related to : fabrication, manufacturing, process intensification, process optimisation, hydrogen production, CO2 valorization

Keywords and matching areas:

 Low-Carbon Technology
 Low-Carbon Economy
 Energy Efficiency
 Renewable Energy
 Waste Management
 Sustainable Development
 Environmental protection

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 Social Innovation
 Low-Carbon Technology
 Low-Carbon Economy
 Raw Materials
 Waste Management
 Sustainable Development
 Industrial Engineering
CCUS in industrial applications faces significant challenges due to its high cost and the fierce international competition in the sectors concerned. However, these sectors currently account for 20% of global CO2 emissions, and in the 2 degree scenario, should represent half of the stored CO2 by 2050. Relevant sectors with high CO2 emissions are for example steel, iron and cement making, oil refini ...
Deadline Sep 1, 2020   - 154 days