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: Mar 31, 2017

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Progetti di Impresa is a SME, based in Modena (Italy), founded in 1998 with the mission to be Partner innovation in modern Public Administrations and companies. Progetti di Impresa srl offers innovative software and technological solutions, as well as services related to their implementation and management.

Health Care Solutions: Progetti di impresa is one of the most experienced company in Italy for the development of digital, health and social solutions, we offer web-based software applications and advanced technological solutions to local health authorities, hospitals and ;

Welfare Solutions: Progetti di impresa has years of experience in the development of advanced software and technological solutions for the management of social services and welfare in territories (municipalities, social districts, etc…): we have more than 400 customers using our software solutions.

E-Government solutions: Progetti di Impresa offers solutions that leads on web and mobile devices all the services that local governments previously provided at the front office (Register office, tribute, subscriptions, community, etc.). Over 200 General Governments (Municipalities, Institutions, Provinces and Regions) are using our services.

Apps for mobile devices: Progetti di Impresa has developed an advanced framework for the building of mobile devices’ applications (multiplatform and multidevice).

Keywords and matching areas:

 Digital Agenda for Europe
 IT Applications
 Mobile technology
 Open Source
 IT for Heritage
 Internet of Things (IoT)

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