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: May 17, 2016

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Organic Services is an SME, international strategy and management consultancy, which specialises in organic food, sustainability and developmental matters. By setting high standards and drawing on its extensive experience, Organic Services delivers outstanding results that help its clients achieve strong success through an integrated, interdisciplinary ; Organic Services aims to provide the best service possible to the organic industry.

Founded in 2004 as a Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbH: a company with limited liability) in Munich, Germany by four individuals, Organic Services is currently under the leadership of three directors, Frank Gerriets, Gerald A. Herrmann, and Mildred ;

During its 10+ years of existence, Organic Services has grown to 10 individuals with experience in international organic agriculture, nutrition science, food economics, international culture and business, marketing, accounting, and customer service. Organic Services expanded its worldwide presence by adding a branch in the US in 2011 and by placing a strong focus on Latin America and Asia. In June 2015, Organic Services relocated its main office to a larger office in Tutzing, Germany, just south of Munich.

By offering a range of services, Organic Services is able to serve actors throughout the supply chain. Realising the importance of software solutions to this industry, Organic Services has made this a major focus of its strategy and has developed new solutions for the market with its trusted partners. Examples of clients Organic Services has worked with are national and global standard setters and CBs, such as Bioland, Naturland, Demeter (all from Germany), CCOF, OTCO, ICS (all from the US), ACO and NASAA (both in Australia), the Certification Alliance (SE Asia), FLOCERT (global), and the Marine Stewardship Council (global), ABCert (based in Germany), ECOCERT (based in France), and CCPB (based in Italy), among notable others, to manage their processes within quality, customer relations, inspection, and certification. Organic Services also understands the importance of sharing the message of organic and has been a program coordinator and organiser of the annual BioFach Congress in Nuremberg since 2006 as well as several other distinguished conferences and events.

Organic Services has developed its own line of software solutions for which it is looking for further funding to fully market and take full advantage of their applications:

Check Organic gives organic operators and traders the solutions they need to maintain the integrity of their supply chains. By establishing a global, real-time organic certification database, its customers will subscribe to cloud-based services that bring together certification data and their own supply chain data.

Group Integrity is a new software tool that facilitates the certification of smallholder groups, businesses with small producers under contract and the workflow of small to medium-sized certifiers. It supports audit management, audit documentation, non-compliance follow-up, external reporting (market, certification) and internal quality verification system management processes ( internal control system (ICS), PGS, Option 2).

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