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: Aug 3, 2017

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Oikon Ltd. – Institute for Applied Ecology was founded in 1997 by a group of natural scientists and engineers who shared a vision of creating a multidisciplinary think-tank with two main typically opposing businesses, a pragmatic market driven consultancy firm and an inquisitive research and development institute, capable of providing solutions to increasingly complex challenges in the areas of nature and environment protection, and sustainable management of natural resources. Oikon is an independently operated privately owned company with the status of scientific institute at the Ministry of Science and ;

Nineteen years down the track that combination has proved to be the foundation of excellence and a unique qualifier on the market that has made Oikon a leading licensed and accredited environmental consultancy/research institute in Croatia (research based SME) with the ability to leverage its credentials in the South-East Europe region with our employee’s scientific and technical competencies.

With over 1000 completed contracts, 300 clients (of which 57 % come from public and 43 % from private sector) and a track record of over 19 years in the business, the reputation of our organization and staff has grown across borders into the region and has resulted in collaboration with other EU countries. Our strong belief in ethical corporate management, continuous education of our talented employees, leadership and innovation, high quality management, social responsibility, customer focus and quality service has resulted in an image of competence and reliability.


Oikon is organised into 3 main departments: Department of Environmental Engineering, Department of Nature Protection and Landscape and Department of Natural Resources Management, as well as Business Support Services.

Oikon Ltd. is a medium-sized company with experts who cover a wide range of disciplines: Mathematics, IT, Physics, Biology, Ecology, Chemistry, Environmental Management, Landscape Architecture, Forestry, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Geological Engineering, Sociology and Economy.

Amongst them, 5 have doctoral degrees, 5 are research scientists registered by the Ministry of Science and Education, 9 engineers are registered by the Croatian Chamber of Architects and Engineers, and the Croatian Chamber of Forest and Wood Technology, 3 are Project Management Professionals certified by the Project Management Institute, USA, several are Microsoft Certified Specialists and experts for Oracle and MS SQL databases.

Further, our experts have access to professional and specialised equipment, hardware and software that is modern, up-to-date, and state of the art, which ensures professional assessments and research. All this, together with clients both in Croatia and abroad (UK, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Albania, Cyprus, Montenegro, Turkey), and projects financed through multi- and bilateral development agencies, various IFI’s, government and private funding, makes Oikon one of the leading environmental consultancies in Croatia and its neighbouring countries.


Our core business is provision of development support services, the sustainable ones! We like to think that WITH US, DEVELOPMENT IS NATURAL. This is our moto. Within our service portfolio we focus on pragmatic, practical, implementable, affordable and neat solutions that are going to best serve our Client’s needs and, at the same time, protect Public Interest in protected Environment and surrounding Nature.

Oikon is a major provider of environmental impact assessments (EIA), environmental management plans (EMP) and appropriate assessments in regards to the ecological network / NATURA2000 in Croatia, for all kinds of developments in both terrestrial and marine environments, including projects related to water protection, waste water treatment plants and sewerage systems, large dams, accumulations and retentions, irrigation projects, multipurpose channel Danube-Sava, protection of wetlands as well as projects related to waste management waste management centres, transfer stations, landfills, investigations work for waste management centres, remediation procedure etc.

The project portfolio also includes development of strategic documents, for example the Strategic environmental assessment (SEA) for Operational program “Environment” (2007-2013) and Waste Management Plan of the City of Zagreb (2010-2014), or the proposal of the National Environmental Action Plan (2011-2019).

Furthermore, we have substantial experience in working for leading development agencies and international financing institutions (IFI) such as EU/EuropeAid (utilising pre-accession and community funds), WB, EBRD, EIB, KfW, UNDP, WWF, GEF and NATO. In implementation of projects funded by development agencies and IFIs, we have successfully cooperated with leading European environmental consultancies and scientific institutions.


Oikon has extensive experience in preparation of Management plans for national parks, nature parks and special forest reserves in Bosnia and Hercegovina (B&H); preparation of Feasibility studies regarding enlargement of protected areas (B&H); Environmental impact assessments of various infrastructure (highways, gas pipelines) in B&H, Montenegro and Albania; Coastal zoning management planning in Montenegro, Albania; and Baseline studies of flora, fauna, habitat mapping, ecological network (Natura), as well as, Training and Education of experts for using GIS and satellite images in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus and Turkey.

The company also has regional experience in leading and participating in cross border (scientific and IPA) projects financed by EU, ; “Heritage – Driver of Development”, “DANUBEPARKS STEP ; and, “HOLISTIC”.  


The specialties of one of our portfolio segments, environment protection, for example, are large infrastructural developments for which we have participated in a number of different services in the last 19 years:

  • Environment Impact Assessments (EIA) for over 1,000 km of freeways and their variants - approximately 80% of newly built freeways  in Croatia and BIH;
  • Hundreds of km of highways – approximately 30% of newly built freeways;
  • Hundreds of km of railways – approximately 80% of newly built or planned railways;
  • Almost 1,000 km of high pressure gas pipelines;
  • Numerous other mayor infrastructure projects, such as transmission lines and wind farms
  • More than 20 Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA)
  • Over 520 environmental protection projects in total

This demonstrates that we have unparalleled experience in developing EIA's (more than 300) for such developments in Croatia and the region.


Over the years Oikon Ltd. has also emerged as major provider of consultancy services and technical assistance projects related to nature protection. We have developed more than:

  • nature protection projects
  • specialist studies,
  • 70 nature impact studies,
  • 60 environmental and nature monitoring projects,
  • long term and scientific projects,
  • several management plans in Croatia and the region.

Oikon has gathered a significant amount of experience in collecting new inventory data for fauna and habitats (birds, large and small mammals, amphibians and reptiles, marine benthic species, fungi, terrestrial habitats etc.) using fieldwork research techniques (photo-traps, ultrasound detectors, radar ornithology, GPS collars/chips for marking and tracking of animals, different biological surveys and sampling depending on the target taxonomic group) and remote sensing techniques (satellite/aerial, sensors and loggers), most of it analysed and presented through specialised spatial analysis tools and methods. We are particularly proud to have been the lead partner and coordinator of the Croatia EU Natura 2000 Integration Project (NIP) – the biggest project in Croatia related to fauna inventory, where we provided consulting services for field research and laboratory processing for collecting new inventory data for 11 taxonomic groups: Actinopterygii and Cephalaspidomorphi, Amphibia and Reptilia, Aves, Chiroptera, Decapoda, Lepidoptera, Odonata, Plecoptera, and Trichoptera.

Also, we have unparalleled experience in habitat mapping projects where we were practically a standard setting authority providing all what is needed for this complex activity. Apart from implementation of large scale habitat mapping of the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia 15 years ago (entire territory terrestrial and maritime) and fine scale mapping of practically all of Croatian protected areas (national and nature parks), we have provided training, ICT, RS and GIS support to a number of similar projects in neighbouring countries. Presently, we are doing this on a project in Turkey where we are providing technical assistance for strengthening the National Nature Protection System for Implementation of Natura 2000 Requirements.


With over 130 completed projects, Oikon is a major provider of comprehensive forestry, agriculture and vegetation, carbon sinks, land use and land cover mapping services in Croatia.

Our services include development of Forest Management Plans (we have developed FMP for 15 % of Croatian private forests), large scale biomass and carbon sink calculations, feasibility studies (biomass, agriculture, forest and SRC), dendrochronology studies, etc.

Oikon has extensive experience and knowledge in land cover mapping. We have developed CORINE land cover (CLC) maps and change analysis including full reporting of the entire Croatian national territory for the reference years: 1980, 1990, 2000, 2006 (for which we received quality mark “very good” from the auditors that was by that time issued only once before in the history of CLC mapping) and 2012. Our methods follow and promote best practice criteria and guidelines and are aimed to ensure accuracy, quality and consistency of maps and accompanying databases.

We are capable of extensive, nation-wide field campaigns for relevant data collection as well for applying all relevant and actual Remote Sensing, GIS and geostatistical techniques and technologies (orthophoto, IR, multispectral satellite imagery, LIDAR), as prerequisites of accurate and cost-effective problem solving with required level of spatial and thematic detail.

Also, we are constantly widening and evolving our knowledge through formal and informal staff education, conferences, courses, summer schools. This is very important since GIS, remote sensing and other technologies are evolving so fast and we are very keen to keep our leading position in using that technology.


Unlike most environmental consultancies in the region, we insist on investment in development of IT and GIS skills that are used internally to support the excellence of provision of our consulting services and are also offered as independent consulting and development services to our ; In the field of environmental informatics we specialize in design, implementation and support of information systems in environment and nature protection and the education and training in the field of visualisation/GIS/remote sensing use in environment and nature protection (open source, ESRI, RSI, 3D Nature LLC, MS Bing).

We have completed over 120 remote sensing and IT/GIS projects. One of our mayor products in this field is the Environmental Pollution Register (ROO) with Croatian National Portal of the Environmental Pollution Register (HNPRO) with up to users in peak hours and 7/24 availability is the biggest application system in environment protection in Croatia.


Current results are achieved through knowledge, skills and experience of our employees and business partners, in accordance with quality of services and products based on the integrated management system for quality, environment, occupational health and safety in compliance with the top international standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:20014 and OHSAS 18001:2007 standard.

Oikon is a holder of other internationally recognized certificates, such as the AAA Certificate, Companies Reputation Certificate, and has received several company and CSR awards. All this guarantees that Oikon provides its clients with highly professional and innovative services and solutions.








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