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: Aug 29, 2017

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MUSOL was founded in 1998 with the help of a group local authorities employees, professionals, experts and researchers who center their interests and professional careers in the field of local Spanish administration.

Since its foundation, MUSOL has a vocation directed at working with the local entities of the South with the aim of strengthening the capacity of the local stakeholders and their roles in local development. Over the years MUSOL has diversified its activities, from a geographic and sectoral point of view; however the organization reaffirms its aspiration to constitute a point of reference in the work of public entities and local organizations of Europe, Africa and Latin America.

The mission of MUSOL is to promote Sustainable Development, according to the latest international declarations as Agenda 2030 for the Sustainable Development Objectives, focusing in particular on: 

  1. Education
  2. Social action
  3. Climate Change and Environment
  4. Gender policy


Keywords and matching areas:

 Rural Development
 Capacity Building
 Energy Efficiency
 International Cooperation
 Europe for Citizens

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