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: Dec 8, 2016

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I am a Business Man, Promoter, Economist and CPA, dedicating my recent years to empowering people using the Elements Way methodology developed by Dr. Gila Zilka from the Bar Ilan University and Hachva Academic College.

I worked with Dr. Gila Zilka in the last four years on this methodology and took part in the publication of two books, "Empowering Parents in the Social Media Age" and "Empowering Educators and Mentors in the Social Media Age”.

Dr. Gila Cohen Zilka is a Lecturer and researcher and serves as Director of the Department for Teaching Social Studies, Citizenship, Sociology and Communication at Bar-Ilan University; Head of the program for training tutors and mentors to work with children at risk, In The Achva Academic College; Researcher and Advisor to the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Finance and the Parliament committees dealing with the National Digital Gap.

The research of Dr. Cohen Zilka covers Communication with children, communication among children, communication between parents and children, children's communication in the diversified media, especially new media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, TV Reality Programs and others; As well as ways to empower children, parents and educators. Dr. Cohen Zilka works many years with children at risk, trains mentors and educators working with children at risk and develops Local Communities programs to promote children at risk.

The heart of the research of Dr. Cohen Zilka addresses the question: How can we realize our strength and thus realize the self, and how to establish optimal communication with children and help them realize their strengths and goals. The results led to the formation and development of a new and unique approach for empowering children, parents and educators.

During the years in which Dr. Cohen Zilka taught the approach, with great success, in teaching programs and Academia, she repeatedly received many requests from students taught, parents, mentors and teachers, to lay the system down, so it can be spread around, practiced, studied in depth and applied properly. Consequently, two books were published, one for parents and the other for mentors and educators, which present in a clear and structured layout the way to positive communication, and connection to the inner strength and self-fulfillment.

Chief Editor’s commentary:

The Elements Way, the approach on which the books are based on, was created and formed as a result of in-depth research and field work over many years of the author, Dr. Gila Cohen Zilka, a world known lecturer and researcher in the world of communication with children. The books "Empowering Parents in the Social Media Age" and "Empowering Educators and Mentors in the Social Media Age” introduce us to The Elements Way to positive communication and personal empowerment. They open up the gate to connection to the inner strengths and creation of loving communication between adults and children, a gate to dialogue that may lead to dissolution of defensive walls, openness and development, and shows us the way to build an effective work plan with the child, in order to achieve positive results.

The books are full of practical exercises, such as self-monitoring and observation of unwanted habits, play exercises, creativity, dramatized situations with children, breathing exercises and relaxation, guided imagery exercises and more. The Books offer.

Dr. Zilka and myself are involved today in promoting the Elements Way has a valuable methodology, used for fostering Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Problem Solving abilities, Coolaboration, and Knowledge Sharing.

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