Marija Sljivic-Ivanovic

: Feb 5, 2019

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We are researcher from Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Belgrade, Serbia. Our research is focused onto fundamental and applied aspects of sorption processes. Investigations include the following aspects:

  • Synthesis, modification and characterization of sorbent materials. Materials that we consider and utilize as sorbents are highly selective and stabile synthetic materials, cost-effective natural minerals, and various industrial wastes. Modifications of materials (chemical, thermal, combined treatments) are made in order to improve their sorption efficiency. XRD, FTIR analysis, determination of specific surface area and porosity, point of zero charge, chemical composition, etc., are used for materials characterization. Relationships between the treatment conditions, sorbents physico-chemical properties and sorption capacities are being established.
  • Soption of heavy metal cations and radionuclides. The studies are being conducted under dynamic or equilibrium conditions. Effects of process parameters such as initial concentration of the polutant, sorbent mass, temperature, pH, particle size, agitation speed, presence of coexisting chemical species, etc. are considered. The optimal conditions for maximum sorption are selected and sorption mechanisms are determined.
  • Metals distribution in the undisturbed and contaminated soil as a function of pollutant type, concentration, and aging time (sequential extraction). Possible application of various sorbent materials in the remediation of contaminated soil is considered as well as the effects of sorbent type and content onto distribution and bioavailability of the pollutants.
  • Leaching of pollutants from loaded sorbents or contaminated soil, as a function of process parameters (chemical reagent type, concentration, pH, contact time, temperature, etc).
  • Various mathematical models are applied for description and analysis of experimental data. Statistical methods are used for experimental planning, regression and correlation analysis.


Keywords and matching areas:

 Raw Materials
 Natural Resources
 Waste Management
 Sustainable Development
 Environmental protection
 Industrial Engineering

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