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: Jan 21, 2016

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The Social Cooperative La Formica ONP  was founded 20 years ago realizing the social solidarity idea  of a group of young people who carried out the civil service as conscientious objectors.

To put in practice the gained experience  it was  established  a Ltd Social Cooperative of  Type "B" (employment of disadvantaged people), with the aim of pursuing the general interest of the community for human promotion and citizens’s integration.

The starting business idea was the management of the Separated Collection  in the  city of Rimini.This important environmental sector, which remains the main activity of the Cooperative, was followed over time from other sectors of work placement for the disadvantaged people:
Advertising panels (in various neighboring municipalities);
Road maintenance and road signs;
Management of cemeteries and funeral billboards;
Deposit management of used  furniture and garments ;
Collection of used garments to support various social projects
and the last innovative one;
Production of silent industrial brushes made by recycled materials.

La Formica was  created to merge a new concept of more operational and professional service management -  particularly functional to the environment-  with an incisive and decisive participation to social issues of Rimini territory strongly related  to public ethics.

Our social cooperative is deeply rooted in Rimini area as it is close to the people, the history and the tourism of the city.

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 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Social Innovation
 Social Affaires and Inclusion

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