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: Jan 20, 2016

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Interporto Marche SpA is the company engaged in the building of the intermodal centre, is a public limited company made up of 30 partners of different nature such as private companies, banks, public companies and trade associations. The majority shareholder is SVIM (Sviluppo Marche SpA), the Development Company of the Regione Marche Government. Regione Umbria Government is also a shareholder of Interporto Marche company and is represented by Sviluppumbria SpA.

Interporto Marche freight village currently develops an overall area of 101 hectares.

Nowadays 54 hectares are equipped with 6 rail tracks.

Interporto Marche freight village offers:

sq.m.100,000 room-temperature warehouses of which:
sq.m.80,000 served by 6 railways 450m. long;
sq.m.20,000 not linked to the railway system.

sq.m.215,000 warehouse-related parking spaces;

sq.m.1,200 headquarters building;

sq.m.110,000 container terminal area;

“take and delivery junction” with 4 rail tracks to check-in and check-out trains;

Service areas (petrol station, wash-up facilities open to the general public, etc.)

Keywords and matching areas:

 Low-Carbon Economy
 Sustainable Transport
 Project Development

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