Interactive 4D

: Nov 27, 2016

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About Me

Interactive 4D designs and develops serious games and interactive e-learning solutions to meet the growing needs for education, awareness, business and behaviour training.
The main topics are in behaviour training, awareness raising and e-health.

Main topics in the field of behaviour training:
     • Negotiation / customer relationship management
     • Relational skills
     • Project management
     • Change management 
     • Leadership / team building 
     • Human Resources.

Main topics in the field of public awareness:
     • Biodiversity / Environmental protection
     • Promotion of tourism and territorial development
     • Artworks and cultural heritage
     • Safety procedures on airfields
     • Security rules on winter slopes.

E-Health gamified application:
     • Gamified mobile application connecting patients using wearable body sensors at their home and medical professionals for an integrated telemonitoring and care project (Horizon 2020 project Polycare).

Keywords and matching areas:

 Alternative Therapies
 Education and Training
 Adult Learning
 Higher Education
 Lifelong Learning
 Arts Education
 Video Games
 Creative Europe

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