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: Jan 17, 2019

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Greek Forum of Refugees (GFR) was established in 2010 in Athens, Greece, as a grassroots organisation, created by refugees themselves to support refugees. It was officially registered as a non-profit Association in 2012. Its aim was to create a Panhellenic network of communities, organizations, initiatives, individuals and professionals working to support asylum seekers, refugees and stateless persons, as well as any person who meets the criteria set by the Convention of Geneva and the protocols attached to it.

GFR has for objective to provide assistance to refugees during the asylum procedure, to protect their rights and support their integration into the Greek society, develop relations of cooperation and solidarity between a variety of organizations and the refugee communities and to advocate for the improvement of asylum policies in both Greece and Europe and living conditions in the camps in Greece. Refugee communities’ self-organisation lie at the core of GFR philosophy: it actively contributes to the empowerment of the refugee communities in Greece by reaching out to their leaders and members in order to encourage refugees and asylum seekers to organize themselves and become active members of the society.



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 Humanitarian Aid
 Aid to Refugees
 Human Rights

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