: May 16, 2016

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GLOBE – Global Learning Opportunities for Better Education is a no – profit Association born in 2015 and established in Palermo (Italy). GLOBE proposes the implementation of European and International Projects in different fields such as training, guidance, research, integration, social, cultural, economic development, economic and territorial cooperation, in order to promote the spread of knowledge, to improve professional and informal skills, to encourage the exchange of best practices and intercultural dialogue in a transnational dimension.
GLOBE has the following Mission:
- to promote the exchange, sharing, and contamination of European and extra-European ideas, knowledge and cultures, through mobility experience and the discovery of solidarity and friendship across national borders;
- to promote personal and professional growth of individuals, with particular attention to young people and women, broadening theirs knowledge and skills in step with the continuous cultural and working evolution;
- to contribute to social and economic development of the territory in synergy with the third sector, non-profit sector and local, national and international production.
Our Association promotes, sponsors, realizes, laboratories, training courses, mobility experiences, training periods, studies and researches, territorial and entrepreneurship development projects etc. for the local, national and European target under to Program, Call for Proposal published at local, national and European level, with a focus on young people ( the ERASMUS+ Program, Europe for Citizens Program, etc.).
Our activities are directed to European and extra-European citizens, and specifically to: Young people, Adults, Workers, Professionals, Unemployed, Teachers and Trainer (HEI, School, VET and Adult Education), School Staff members, Public Administrators, Youth Workers, Women etc.
All activities promoted by GLOBE, are aimed to:
- facilitate and/or increase the intercultural exchange among Countries and Organizations at European and extra-European level;
- support young people and adult to increase their background and their competences about specific fields, participating to training courses, laboratories and training period, in order to  acquire new skills to spend on labor market
- promote the development and implementation of innovative approach according to the principle of non formal learning and peer education;
- promote and strengthen social, economic, cultural and professional integration of young and adult  people in the European context;
- promote the positive and active processes of empowerment.
In the field of Mobility Project (Exchange, Learning Program, Foreign Training, etc.) GLOBE acts both as Coordinator and Sending Organization and as Intermediary and Hosting Organization.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Social Innovation
 International Cooperation
 Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF)
 Education and Training
 Youth Exchanges
 Youth Workers
 Digital Culture
 Europe for Citizens
 Digital Society

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