George Poenaru

: Jul 3, 2020

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About Me

I'm a technology architect, engineer and industrial designer. My love for technology started as a child, at the computer centre where my mother worked. I can still remember the sound of computation, the huge analogue tapes and the assembler opcodes map from her desk.

 Almost 20 years ago I have discovered FreeBSD and I'm still driven by the elegance of its codebase. Later I started to build convolution-based DSP algorithms to model analogue systems for real-time multimedia processing, way before convolution was the main driver in the Machine Learning ;

 My first interaction with robotics and mechatronics started with some state-of-the-art DMX controlled robots. 10 years ago I moved into software and hardware engineering. I engineered multimedia and telecommunication ;

 All my research and side projects in the last 5 years have been focused on Symbolic Reasoning, Machine Learning, Chipset design, Cryptography and Software Defined Radio

Keywords and matching areas:

 Industrial Manufacturing
 Manufacturing 2.0
 Artificial Intelligence

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