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: Aug 27, 2018

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EFCoCert is a Swiss not for profit foundation, established in 2014.

EFCoCert promotes the development and manages the exploitation of ISO 17024 or 17021 compliant certification schemes. We develop and manage competence certification schemes for non-regulated professions in Europe to provide concerned people a recognition and validation of their non-formal and informal learning, enhancing their employability and mobility. We develop and/or exploit management system certification schemes for assisting scheme owners to professionalize the management and ensure the integrity of the implementation of their scheme. We develop and/or exploit accreditation schemes and e-learning solutions.

All competence certification schemes developed by EFCoCert and operated by ViaSyst, its strategic partner, are developed under standardization rules compliant with ISO directives, and meet ISO 17024 requirements.

Competence certification is future – and future of competence certification is accessibility, reproducibility, control and integrity thanks remote assessment tools. EFCoCert partnered with ViaSyst for developing IT SaaS solutions to allow remote universal access to EFCoCert certification schemes.

3 ERASMUS+ Projects in progress (see EFCoCert website, link: EU projects): Strategic partnership: MENTORCERT (2017-2019), Strategic partnership for the school sector CERTI4Headmasters (2018-2020) , Strategic partnership: MENTOR4WBL@EU (2018-2020) .

Calls we are following: ERASMUS+, InterReg, Horizon 2020




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