Ferro Enrico - Head of Innovation Dept. @ ISMB

: Apr 11, 2016

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About Me

The department I am in charge of may leverage significant skills in:
- User Experience (NUI, VR, AR), Design Thinking, User-centric design, co-creation
- Data-Driven Innovation (NLP, Semantic Web, Network Science, Data Mining)
- Business Modeling & Innovation Accounting (we are in charge of the Business Model observatory of the Big Data Value Association)
We are currently working on 7 EU Funded projects (5 H2020, 1 FP7, 1 EIT DIGITAL). Here is a brief of overview of the department 

#Innovation #BusinessModeling #DataScience #UX #AR #VR #Impactassessment

Keywords and matching areas:

 Technology Transfer
 Social Innovation

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