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: Jun 6, 2016

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Dr. Federica Gobattoni, Post-doctoral Researcher at the Tuscia University. In 2009 she had PhD in "Science and Technology for Forest and Environmental Management" at Tuscia University. Dr. Federica Gobattoni’s research focuses on landscape and urban planning, environmental simulation models, as hydrological and land use evolution simulation models but also on landscape simulation models and landscape functionality, as the capacity of the landscape to produce ecosystem services, and the Best Management Practices for urban and rural systems. In particular, she contributed to the development of a mathematical model (PANDORA) for the analysis of landscape connectivity and  scenarios assessment (Gobattoni et al., 2011, 2012, 2014)  also in terms of Ecosystems Services (Pelorosso et al., 2013, Pelorosso et al., submitted). She conducted research also on the planning of multifunctional urban green areas for storm water management (Pelorosso et al., 2013), on the  landscape dynamics assessment by historical maps and  remote sensing data (Gennaretti et al., 2011), on the development of a model to simulate landslides initiation (Rulli et al., 2013), on nutrient export and deposition simulation with a dynamic landscape evolution model (Pelorosso et al, 2010, 2011) on the integration of different modeling approach to evaluate likely climate and land use induced landscape changes (Rulli et al., 2009), on the effects of land use changes on soil erosion (Gobattoni et al., 2009).

Keywords and matching areas:

 Natural Resources
 Sustainable Development
 Environmental protection
 Smart Cities
 European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

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