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: Mar 15, 2016

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ETN -Education and Training Network ().

is specialised in providing advanced services for vocational training in mobility and in the educational sector.

ETN can count on a solid organizational and management structure and on the presence of staff and offices in the 5 member agencies: 

  • SISTEMA TURISMO (Rimini and Potenza in Italy) –
  • BULGARIA GATEWAY (Sofia in Bulgaria) –
  • TRAINING VISION (Portsmouth in the United Kingdom) –
  • BERLINK (Berlin in Germany) –
  • TRIBEKA (Malaga in Spain) –

What we offer:


1. Transnational mobility in KA1 - Planning and management of all aspects related to the organization of the international mobility of students and teachers in 5 different European countries (Italy, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Germany and Spain)

  • Quality work placements and monitoring of the whole experience
  • Skills assessment
  • Advice and personalized guidance to the student
  • Definition and Assessment of Learning Outcomes in accordance with the ECVET (European credit system for vocational education and training)
  • Professional Visits in excellent companies
  • Seminars
  • Language courses (Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian, English, German)
  • Structured courses for teachers and school staff - to see our full list of courses please visit our website


2. Participation and support in the design of ERASMUS+ KA2 Strategic Partnership projects. Within this kind of projects, each of our agencies can give a valuable contribution for proposals related to advanced vocational orientation against the background of changing working environment and measures for the promotion of innovative approaches in lifelong learning. 

For more information or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Kind regards,



Miss Maria Pina Triunfo

ETN Management


Tel: +30 0971 51794

Skype: etngroup_81


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