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: Jun 23, 2017

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Stiftung BASE (Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy) was founded in 2001 to mobilize finance and accelerate investments into sustainable energy and climate change solutions. BASE is one of the few organizations merely dedicated to analyze and develop smart financing mechanisms ( concessional credits, project finance, insurances, incentives, guarantees, fee per-service models, PE funds, etc.) and business models that are able to motivate and facilitate private investments (end-user, enterprises, solution providers, projects) in sustainable energy solutions with the objective of addressing the challenges of climate change and promote a more sustainable development path. BASE has long experience and strong track record working with private and public actors, financial institutions (incl. commercial banks, as well as national, bi- and multi-lateral development banks), investors, development agencies, and international organizations in developing financial mechanisms and business models to mobilize investments and financing for sustainable energy solutions.

In particular, BASE brings extensive expertise in the development and implementation of:

  • Financing products for sustainable energy (EE and RE);
  • Risk mitigation instruments for small and large scale projects ( guarantee funds, insurance products, and non-financial risk mitigation instruments);
  • Green private equity funds in key emerging markets;
  • Structuring public finance mechanisms and incentives;
  • Providing policy support;
  • Innovative business models to reach new customers and new markets;
  • Identifying green market opportunities for financial institutions;
  • Economic analysis and cost-benefit assessment of green technologies;
  • Strategic Analysis of clean technology markets;
  • Risk analysis and identifying sustainable energy opportunities in the credit portfolio of banks;
  • Environmental Due Diligence Guidelines for green projects;
  • Pipelines of investment opportunities for institutional investors.

Keywords and matching areas:

 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Low-Carbon Technology
 Energy Efficiency
 Intelligent Energy
 Renewable Energy
 Business Development
 Financial analysis

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