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: Jan 20, 2016

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Aerialclick is a company that provides aerial services with drones and designs and manufactures equipment for aerial photography and videos. Its team of experienced engineers follow step by step each customer’s product needs.
Mainly specialized in the production of telescopic poles and drones, our products obtained the CAA recognition. This means that Aerialclick is also able
-    to produce quadcops regularly and legally recognized by the Civil Aviation Authority,
-    to operate legally with drones according to the fly zones regulations
-    to make courses for certified UAV pilots.
The managing director of Aerialclick, the Gaetanocosimo Massari, is an aerospace engineer with an over 10 years experience. His resume includes a long experience in Agusta Westland.
The pilot of the Company, Andrea Mangia, is one of the youngest drone pilot in Italy and he also performs the company test pilots for all the new produced drones.
Ivano Manfredonia is a PhD engineer with 4 years of experience in European projects and he is the technical consultant for the airworthiness in the company.

The legal staff is composed by a notary and a lawyer; The latter, in the person of Carmen Russo, has an active role in teaching courses with regard to the legal part linked to the regulations of the Civil Aviation Authority.
In addition, the communications office directed by Sabrina Barbante, with many years experience in international business communication, has the aim of promoting the usefulness and the characteristics of dronotics and aerial photography in several business fields and of promoting the Italian expertise in this field around the world, thanks to a press office, blogs and social communication run in two languages. We are registered in the European Partecipant Portal and have a validated PIC.


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 Forest Resources
 Marine and Coast
 Energy Efficiency
 Aerospace Technology
 Electronics and Microelectronics
 IT Applications
 Innovation & Research
 Industrial Engineering

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