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: Mar 18, 2017

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AECI is a consumers' association that has currently more than 70 offices all over Italy. This national association was founded in March 2003 with the sole objective to protect, defend and inform the consumers. AECI Avezzano is a branch of this national association. The working group of and AECI Avezzano is composed of professionals, lawyers, accountants and project managers who decided to put their decades of experience towards protecting and defending the ;

AECI Avezzano, just as all the other offices around the country, provides counseling services on many different topics. AECI has also experience in proposing new laws at the regional and national levels.

The activities can be summed up in the following areas:  

  1. Widespread information campaign on the main topics of public interest: consumer education, provision of services to the citizen by institutions and public administrations, safety and quality of products and services, etc .;  
  2. Consumer protection: domestic users, loans, mortgages, dealing with banks, the CRIF registrations, leases, defective products, misleading advertising, etc .;  
  3. Legal assistance, out of court and in the conciliation;  
  4. Tax Assistance 

We provide assistance and counceling on the following:

  • utilities and household services (telephone, water, gas and electricity)    
  • rates and quality 'of services    
  • banks, insurance, consumer credit, wear    
  • financial and credit mediation    
  • transport (railways, airplanes, buses, etc.).    
  • condo and timeshare '/ lease    
  • craft works (repairs, housework, dry cleaners, etc.).    
  • domestic accidents and safety products    
  • purchases away from business premises - distance and distance sales,
  • contests and prize operations, prices, balances    
  • nutrition and health (food and commercial fraud)    
  • misleading advertising    
  • travel and tourism    
  • contracts and unfair contract terms    
  • waste and environment    
  • drugs and health '    
  • accident management and labor protection    
  • INPS and INAIL practices    
  • CAF - Tax Assistance Centre (non active in all locations)    
  • tax law and tax litigation    
  • immigration services

Keywords and matching areas:

 Social Innovation
 International Cooperation
 Europe for Citizens
 Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme
 Civil Law
 Consumer Protection
 Territorial Cooperation

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