We are looking for European Innovation Agencies experienced in business support for SMEs in ageing technology, autonomy, and healthy ageing  to apply to "Peer learning of innovation agencies".

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The call:

The call “Peer learning of innovation agencies” is an Innosup 05 (Horizon 2020) call for project.

The programme enable peer-learning of innovation agencies to enhance the innovation capacity of SME, through mutual-learning based on a consortium’s best practices and the designing of a “best model” for the delivery of an innovation support programme for SMEs.

The programme offers a lump sump of up to 50 000€ to be split between 4 partners, for a project duration of minimum 12 months.

The deadline to apply is the 14th October 2020.


Project idea

Peer learning for the designing of an innovation support programme for SMEs in ageing technology, autonomy, and healthy ;

Many entrepreneurs are developing innovative products and services for the ageing population. Their needs are however not sufficiently covered by innovation support programme focused on the health sector. Their solutions require specific and tailored support based on testing and Innovation through usage.

Our project is to investigate the most suitable tools and mechanism to support SMEs’ in this sector, looking both at our current services but also the unmet needs encountered by SMEs related to the specificity of their products/service and the needs of the ageing population.

We aim at producing practical recommendation for innovation agencies and cluster management organisation to improve and optimise their SMEs support programme.


What are we looking for?

We are looking for partners to join our us in this project. Contact us if you are:

  • National / regional innovation agencies / cluster management organisations or similar from an EU member state or associated country
  • Experienced in developing and delivering SMEs support services in the field of healthy ageing, autonomy, and/or ageing technology.
  • Experienced in managing an incubator and accelerator programme.


Who are we?

Eurasanté is a tech transfer, an incubator, an accelerator and cluster manager in the nutrition and health sector in the Northern France region. For more than 20 years and thanks to its 80 current employees, Eurasanté is working on supporting the emergence, transfer, and development of the innovation in both academic and industrial world.

Eurasanté is successfully running its “Bio-incubator”, a labelled incubation scheme dedicated to biotech, medtech and ditigal health since 1999 (ranked among the Top 20 of biotech incubator according to LaBiotech) and a second incubator dedicated to nutrition and foodtech name “Euralimentaire” launched in 2017. From the successes of these incubators and increasing needs and demands, Eurasanté will launch in January 2021 its Silver Economy Incubator, supporting innovations for autonomy and heathy ageing. Eurasanté has experience in supporting Silver economy projects and is now aiming at provided tailored incubation and acceleration support based on testing and usage innovation.

Eurasanté delivered, along with 3 European agencies, on a previous Innosup 05 project call “Peer2Scale Health” as a project leader. Peer2Scale-Health is focusing on actions to assess the quality of the partners’ services to health entrepreneurs (and young SMEs), the way they deliver these, and how to improve them or design new and common innovation support services. Read the Design Options Paper here.

Interested? Please contact me!

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