Urban Planning Tool: CFD Simulation including humidity for micro-climate prediction

Created on 18 Apr 2016




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With the increasing temperatures due to climate change and the increase of people living in urban areas it becomes more important than ever to have planning tools available that enable communities, planners and architects to predict the influence of urban building projects on the mirco-climate.

In this context by micro-climate we mean the surface and air temperatures, humidity and air quality as a result of building activities ( green roofs and walls, water bodies, parks, traffic influence, ...).

Current CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software ( OpenFOAM) is well able to provide a basic platform for performing the calculations necessary to make such predictions. However looking at details, some crucial parts are still missing. In particular, there is no comprehensive overview of properties like heat conductivitiy, evaporation kinetics, etc. of urban building features.

Also while some models that could make use of these data exist on the CFD side - for example Rheologics solver for water phase transitions, other will have to be created.

Our proposal is to develop an urban planning CFD simulation tool that predicts the influence of urban building projects on the microclimate by collecting necessary data and feed them to compuational models.

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