Threedimensional design and manufacturing in sport- tourism industry

Created on 19 Apr 2017
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"Three-dimensional design and manufacturing in sport- tourism industry" is the thematic area of the Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization (ISSS) - "New technologies in creative and recreational ; The project range is "Production of goods and equipment that have direct application in the field of tourism and extreme sports" and leads to the development of an innovative production process. The project proposal represents an innovation in the production process of boats and related infrastructure. In 2010, in the youth Olympic Games is introduce discipline canoe slalom, involving all European sports clubs with its presence as a discipline. The interest in this discipline creates the need, in the face of sports federations and in particular- canoe-kayak clubs, of goods necessary for practice and achieving good results in sports. Our project is based on producing boats and infrastructure needed to practice canoe-kayak slalom through innovative manufacturing method using three-dimensional printing. Moreover, the application of our product finds its place in the wide range of tourist activities, in which elements of Bulgarian eco – tourism will be recognizable. This is a significant market niche for visitors who live closer to the nature and actively seek opportunities to practice extreme sports. This method of ecologically clean production, without waste materials. Our "target" group is large and it covers people from 14 to 70 years old, who enjoy water sports across Europe. As there is still no prominent leading manufacturer of boats, we have the ambition to create attractive patterns that are not only quality products, but also fully optimized to achieve good sports and tourism results. Our activities will consist of testing different materials for production of the boats and related infrastructure, testing them in a suitable environment and promoting our activities.

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