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Created on 08 Apr 2016
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I want to pilot an english written version of the award winning (MIT Innovators Under 35 award in 2014; Webby Honoree Award by the Webby Awards in 2016) web magazine STREAM ;

STREAM is a “pop” editorial project revolving around a key contemporary issue: gender equality. Traditionally, the female figure has always been framed as a declination of the male one’s: we have an universal culture – also said ‘male culture’ – and its female variation. We feel that this is not only incorrect, but also deeply penalizing for ;STREAM wants to show that there actually is ‘a universal culture’, built by women and men together, as human beings. That is why through our stories, articles, reportages and booklets (Le Maggiorate: ) we want to engage intelligent and interested people (females especially, but not just them) in a new type of media conversation. One capable of a true cultural “empowerment” because it shows what is the state of the art within different fields through the sharing of stories, best practices, examples of women “who made it”.

But there is not just the cultural message around gender and diversity empowerment and inclusion, of course.There is also the true and special pleasure of  diffusing information, news, reviews and reportages around some of the key issues, topics, subjects and players of the contemporary world. From the new music albums we love to the best new writers to read (and watch); from the cutting edge tech innovation that is helping the Coral Reef to the in depth analysis of media phenomenons.  

In short, our aim is simple: we want to help our readers (interested women and men all over) discover innovations, creativity, improvements, technology, society and economy wherever they ;Because we feel that knowledge and information, if properly told and shared, can truly change the culture we live in, making it a more informed and active and inclusive one. For us all. No matter the gender, the profession, the origin, the religion, the skin color, the number of legs and / or arms we have.

The magazine and the project (including its spin off LE MAGGIORATE - a booklet series dedicated to women changemakers) are now non profit and in italian only.

I am looking for funds to be able to sustain a growth in terms of team, outreach and reserach. And I am looking for english speaking likeminded talents (writers, designers, illustrators, researchers,...) who are willing to join our 20 editors team and help us transition from an Italian only project and magazine, to an English speaking media outlet capable of reaching out to a wider audience with its empowering stories.

 Social Innovation
 Gender Equality
 Creative Industries
 Digital Culture
 New Media
 Article Writing

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